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Intro: Rio de Janeiro (01:58)


Learn about the city's history, economy, and migration patterns.

Rio de Janeiro Challenges (01:08)

Experts discuss demographic tensions. Income gaps are growing and 25% of the population lives in favelas.

Mare Community Organization (01:21)

Learn how residents fought attempts to clear the Rio de Janeiro favela for development and created a census.

Mare Street Name Project (02:26)

Rio officials don't recognize the favela. Learn about a community project mapping the neighborhood, identifying service needs, and creating addresses.

Colectivo Mare (02:48)

Drug crime kills 10,000 in Rio de Janeiro annually. A community initiative has reclaimed favela gang territory as a youth center and a public space.

Addressing Social Divisions (01:26)

Learn about Rio's income inequality. Efforts to clean up favelas for the 2014 World Cup have improved gang violence but increased police surveillance.

Improving Creative Opportunities (02:26)

Having overcome poverty himself, a Rio de Janeiro artist supports favela youth initiatives and projects.

Integrating Favelas (00:46)

In 2011, Rio implemented a cable car system connecting poor neighborhoods to the center.

Rio Traffic (01:05)

Urban migration is straining public transportation. Upcoming international events require a functioning city.

Rio Real Estate Demand (01:52)

Learn about Rio de Janeiro's urban rainforest. Granite mountains restrict expansion, but luxury buildings are being developed along the beach front.

Rethinking Urban Design (01:10)

Experts hope international events will reshape the development discussion to include all stakeholders.

Community Justice Struggle (02:53)

Rio developers are displacing poor neighborhoods to build skyscrapers. Learn how one favela is partnering with activists to fight eviction for the Olympics.

Favela Improvement Proposal (02:37)

Community activists work with university volunteers to save a neighborhood from eviction. If accepted by the city, it will prove compromise is possible among diverse groups.

Rio de Janeiro's Future (03:23)

Olympic construction poses a challenge to urban planners. Experts hope the city's beauty can be preserved and public participation will improve.

Credits: Rio de Janeiro: Urban Future (00:35)

Credits: Rio de Janeiro: Urban Future

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Every week, over one million people around the world move from the country to the city in search of better jobs, better education, better infrastructure and resources—a better life, in short. Urban Future is a voyage of discovery through the megacities of our new millennium highlighting how residents improve their lives and launch projects to shape their homes and neighborhoods. This episode examines favela improvement initiatives and urban planning challenges as Rio de Janeiro prepares for the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games. (28 minutes)

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