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Cape Town Introduction (02:26)


Learn about South Africa's diverse city, including its colonial history and urban violence.

Addressing Cape Town Poverty (03:32)

20 years after apartheid, the city is separated along socioeconomic lines. A former drug addict runs youth employment projects and hopes to transform the cycle of township violence.

Township Employment Projects (01:23)

Learn how an urban garden and a school uniform factory are building community and reducing welfare dependency in Cape Town .

Cape Town Recycling Initiative (05:24)

Tourism, sciences, and electronics thrive in South Africa's coastal city. Learn how a township project employing children to collect waste is improving community living conditions.

Cape Town School Garden Project (04:02)

Most townships are located in barren landscapes. Learn about an initiative to educate students and families about growing vegetables and nutrition—providing a community based solution to poverty.

Cape Town Crime Reduction Experiment (01:33)

Townships have high unemployment and poor infrastructure. Learn about an illuminated pathway and public space increasing night time street accessibility.

Township Libraries (01:45)

Learn how Cape Town's public institutions provide safe places for education, community projects, and children's social development.

Mothers Unite Project (04:33)

Cape Town townships are ruled by gangs. Learn about an initiative providing educational programs and hot meals to local children—teaching responsibility and community engagement.

Cape Town Grassroots Model (02:39)

Community projects help overcome racial and economic barriers. Municipal leaders share hopes for future urban improvement.

Credits: Cape Town: Urban Future (00:25)

Credits: Cape Town: Urban Future

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Every week, over one million people around the world move from the country to the city in search of better jobs, education, infrastructure and resources. But can all those dreams come true? “Urban Future“ is a voyage of discovery through the megacities of our new millennium, showing how people take initiatives to improve their lives and launch projects to shape their homes and neighborhoods. In this episode, learn how grassroots community projects are helping overcome racial and economic barriers in Cape Town. (28 minutes)

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