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Mexico City (02:05)


Mexico City, a metropolis of diversity and contrasts, is the industrial, financial, political and transportation center of the country.

From Aztec Tenochtitlan to Mexico City (01:21)

The lakes of the Aztec city are gone, drained by the Spanish conquerors who built on the unstable soil. Surrounded by mountains, the city continues to grow upward.

An Environmentally Aware Community (03:00)

The residents in the peripheral suburb of Miravalle are building an eco-friendly community with its own recycling station, community garden, and water retrieval system.

Miravalle's Community Projects (01:55)

The community center provides a nutritious and inexpensive lunch to inhabitants. A project leader talks about benefits for the community's children, an example for other districts in the city.

Problems of Growth (01:59)

The enormity of Mexico City and its problems give residents a sense of fragility as newcomers continue to arrive, leaving poor farms, and gang activity threatens safety.

A Recovered Community (02:46)

Itztapalapa was the most dangerous district until residents initiated a change. A Sports and Recreation Center replaced a gang war zone. Graffiti still honors expression of identity.

Itztapalapa Graffiti School (02:42)

A community leader proudly notes the Recreation Center functions with no government financial help. The Itztapalapa Graffiti School has courses that train budding artists and offer an alternative to violence.

The Formal and Informal Economy (02:02)

A third of the population lives below the poverty line despite recent deregulation of the economy. Commercial skyscrapers replaced the homes of Santa Fe residents who built hillside slums.

University Outreach Project (01:42)

The new Iberoamericana University sits between the old and new Santa Fe and addresses the needs of the adjacent community.

Collaborative Changes for Santa Fe (04:04)

The departments of sociology and architecture collaborated with residents to improve access and conditions in the hillside community. A resident cites goals for improvements in health and nutrition.

Problems of Smog (02:10)

Higher mountains surrounding the 7,350 ft. high Mexico City trap smog produced by growing development. Bicycling and physical activity are encouraged by the government.

A Positive Future for this Megacity (01:22)

Growing international investment in Mexico City attests to the positive changes in this biggest city in Latin America.

Credits: Mexico City: Urban Future (00:04)

Credits: Mexico City: Urban Future

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As Mexico City faces problems of urban growth, residents of hillside communities and in the center of the city have created community centers that address the environment, gang warfare, graffiti, access and pollution with the help of community leaders and the Iberoamericana University.

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