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Istanbul History (01:46)


Learn how the ancient city's geographical location and imperial eras have shaped its unique, dispersed character.

Istanbul Immigration (01:47)

Up to 28 million live in the metropolitan area; most are new arrivals from Anatolia and the Black Sea. Learn how employment is transitioning to a "first world" status.

Nurtebe Work Initiative (04:33)

Female Istanbul immigrants make crafts to sell at a community center; independent incomes improve their domestic status. Computer training and childcare are also provided.

Istanbul Infrastructure (02:02)

Most buildings are put up without permits, while gated communities are available for business elites—complicating social integration efforts.

Istanbul Social Issues (01:42)

Tourists enjoy night life in the city. As the economy modernizes, women take service sector jobs and young men are vulnerable to drugs and crime.

Istanbul Youth Shelter (04:19)

Young homeless immigrants take refuge at a center on the city's outskirts. Residents improve their lives by taking classes, building community, and learning responsibility.

Istanbul Transportation (01:20)

The city is split by the Bosporus that separates Europe from Asia. Infrastructure makes it difficult to integrate ferries, mini buses and tram lines into a comprehensive network.

Istanbul Economy (01:39)

Since liberalization in 1980, manufacturing and financial sectors have grown but conservative Muslim neighborhoods have been left behind.

Yenikapi Music Initiative (04:35)

A local architect founded a music school for children as an alternative to Koran school. He discusses secular and religious tensions, and reflects on efforts to preserve Turkey’s cultural diversity.

Istanbul Social Divisions (02:58)

Neighborhoods are consolidating along economic lines, but urban planners are optimistic that integration can be achieved through design.

Credits: Istanbul: Urban Future (00:34)

Credits: Istanbul: Urban Future

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Every week, over one million people around the world move from the country to the city in search of better jobs, education, infrastructure and resources. But can all those dreams come true? Urban Future is a voyage of discovery through the mega-cities of our new millennium, showing how people take initiatives to improve their lives and launch projects to shape their homes and neighborhoods. (28 minutes)

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