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Sao Paulo Introduction (02:20)


Learn population statistics and factors contributing to social divisions. Residents discuss challenges in Brazil's fast growing city.

Favela Community Initiative (05:07)

One third of Sao Paulo's population lives in unofficial housing surrounded by drug violence. Learn about a garden and art project engaging children and empowering locals to take back public space.

Addressing Urban Flight (07:57)

Sao Paulo growth occurs at the periphery while the city center declines. Learn about an initiative to restore housing and build community to keep residents from the favelas.

Brazilian Beach Culture (01:05)

As in all major cities on the Atlantic coast, Sao Paulo residents commute to a nearby beach town on the weekends.

Sao Paulo Social Divide (01:57)

Rapid growth has occurred without planning public spaces or infrastructure. Educational gaps reinforce marginalization.

Housing Rights Initiative (03:05)

Many Sao Paulo favelas are bulldozed for commercial property. Learn about legal efforts to protect residents by creating public space.

Sao Paulo Art Initiative (05:14)

Educators have started an after school program for favela children as an alternative to drugs and crime. Learn the importance of community improvement projects in addressing the economic gap.

Credits: Sao Paulo: Urban Future (00:33)

Credits: Sao Paulo: Urban Future

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Every week, over one million people around the world move from the country to the city in search of better jobs, education, infrastructure and resources. But can all those dreams come true? Urban Future is a voyage of discovery through the megacities of our new millennium, showing how people take initiative to improve their lives and launch projects to shape their homes and neighborhoods. In Sao Paulo we meet a young man who recruits kids off the street in the worst drug neighborhood in town and gets them to decorate the streets with him. (28 minutes)

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