Segments in this Video

Older Pregnancies (01:45)


Doctors outline causes of male and female infertility, and explain why women who have babies later in life face greater challenges.

IVF Treatment (01:27)

Learn the process of In Vitro Fertilization.

IVF Psychology (02:57)

Doctors explain the emotional stress of infertility and how couples should be approached on an individual basis.

Infertility Stress (02:00)

Doctors and female patients describe emotional challenges and social perceptions of reproductive difficulty.

Infertility and Relationships (03:28)

A doctor describes the challenges of separating sexuality from reproduction during the IVF process, and urges couples not to give up hope. One woman is pregnant after the 15th try.

Cryopreservation Techniques (01:56)

Learn the process of freezing embryos, blastocytes, ovarian tissue, and sperm for IVF.

PGD Analysis (03:53)

Learn how doctors take embryo biopsies to screen for genetic abnormalities and single gene diseases during IVF. Both fertile and infertile couples can opt for the procedure.

Infertility in Society (01:36)

Some women face stigma for failing to conceive, but a female patient explains that it’s more common than we think.

IVF Ethical Issues (02:42)

Doctors discuss Greece's liberal reproduction laws allowing surrogacy, egg donation, and freezing sperm for use after death.

Infertility Outlook (00:42)

Female IVF patients urge other women not to give up trying to conceive.

Credits: Infertility Female: Disease and… Ease (01:09)

Credits: Infertility Female: Disease and… Ease

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Female Infertility: Disease and…Ease

Part of the Series : Disease and...Ease
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Disease and Ease presents 10 of the most prevalent and devastating diseases affecting millions around the world in the 21st century as reported by the World Health Organization. The series documents cutting edge ways of treating each disease with interviews and commentary from eminent doctors and professors. High quality 2D and 3D graphics illustrate the effect of the disease on the human body as well as the function and effect of the treatments. In this episode, visit an IVF clinic in Greece and learn about the process that is giving new hope to couples struggling with infertility. (24 minutes)

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