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Male Infertility Introduction (02:45)


10-15% of couples are infertile and 40% of those are due to male factors. One in ten men suffers low sperm counts.

Male Infertility Causes (01:48)

Learn diet, lifestyle, environmental, and disease factors contributing to spermatogenic dysfunction.

Diagnosing Male Infertility (02:46)

Diagnostic methods include a physical examination, seminal analysis, hormonal and DNA analysis, and a spermogram.

Evaluating Male Infertility (01:48)

Genetic screening, scrotum ultrasound, and hormonal analysis are used to determine low sperm count causes.

Male Infertility Treatment (02:16)

Learn how seminal duct surgery and hormonal therapy increase sperm counts.

Male Infertility Prevention (01:09)

Avoiding tobacco, alcohol and environmental toxins, increasing exercise, and maintaining a healthy weight help improve sperm count.

Female Infertility Causes (02:47)

Infertility can stem from ovarian, tubal or uterine malfunction. Learn how age, lifestyle, and obesity affect women's ability to conceive.

IVF Treatment (02:20)

Learn how In Vitro Fertilization is used to overcome couple infertility.

IVF Methods (02:55)

Medical professionals explain simple fertilization and ICSI procedures and indications.

IVF Embryo Transfer (02:11)

Learn why growing the embryo to blastocyst stage increases chances of implantation and conception.

Credits: Infertility Male: Disease and… Ease (01:13)

Credits: Infertility Male: Disease and… Ease

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Male Infertility: Disease and…Ease

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Disease and Ease presents 10 of the most prevalent and devastating diseases affecting millions around the world in the 21st century as reported by the World Health Organization. The series documents cutting edge ways of treating each disease with interviews and commentary from eminent doctors and professors. High quality 2D and 3D graphics illustrate the effect of the disease on the human body as well as the function and effect of the treatments. This episode covers male fertility causes, diagnosis, and treatment; female infertility causes; and IVF procedures. (24 minutes)

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