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Colon and Rectal Cancer Epidemiology (02:18)


Learn the global prevalence of the intestinal disease. The EU is starting a screening program that will detect early cases.

Colorectal Cancer Screening (01:53)

Learn how intestinal polyp removal can decrease chances of developing bowel cancer.

Colorectal Cancer Risk (01:22)

Older people are more likely to develop the disease. Learn genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors for developing cancer from intestinal polyps.

Colorectal Cancer Symptoms (01:48)

Polyps are generally asymptomatic, but once they develop into cancer, patients experience low energy, bowel changes and pain.

Colorectal Cancer Diagnosis (02:43)

Blood in stool, colonoscopy, blood tests, and tumor biopsies are used to diagnose the disease.

Colorectal Cancer Treatment (03:14)

Learn surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy options; and during which stages they are effective.

Colorectal Cancer and Stomas (01:09)

Learn indications for patients given an abdominal bag for eliminating waste.

Colorectal Cancer Surgery (04:12)

Learn how laparoscopic and robotic surgeries are performed, and their advantages over traditional operational procedures.

Colorectal Cancer Prevention (02:52)

Learn diet, lifestyle, and screening strategies for reducing disease risk. A patient reflects on how his attitude towards life and others has changed.

Credits: Colon and Rectal Cancer: Disease and…Ease (01:12)

Credits: Colon and Rectal Cancer: Disease and…Ease

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Colon and Rectal Cancer: Disease and…Ease

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"Disease and Ease" presents 10 of the most prevalent and devastating diseases affecting millions around the world in the 21st century as reported by the World Health Organization. The series documents cutting edge ways of treating each disease with interviews and commentary from eminent doctors and professors. High quality 2D and 3D graphics illustrate the effect of the disease on the human body as well as the function and effect of the treatments. This episode covers epidemiology, risk factors, screening, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of colon and rectal cancers. (24 minutes)

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