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Apps, a Booming Industry (01:44)


The Apps industry is set to generate an annual turnover of $15 billion. Learn the time line of mobile phones and Apps from 1979-2010.

University of Applied Sciences, Hagenberg (02:07)

Researchers work on the technology behind mobile Apps. Approximately 150 students have graduated from the university; a navigational App has won several awards.

Mobile Computing (02:53)

A University of Applied Sciences student discusses his successful App. Experts discuss student success at Runtastic and developing Runtastic's mobile App.

What Does an App Need to be a Hit? (01:52)

Runtastic experts discuss the elements of a successful App. A basic modular system allows amateurs to create simple application programs.

Augmented Reality (01:51)

Experts discuss the positive aspects of augmented reality and navigational systems.

Apps Appear Wherever We Go (01:43)

See examples of mobile phone Apps. Experts explain Near Field Communication (NFC) and its benefits.

Linking Devices via a Network (01:57)

The television set of the future will have the capabilities of a Smartphone; television will be interactive. Experts at Hagenberg Software Park are working on interlinking the entire house.

Office of the Future (01:48)

The mobile computing industry works to develop small programs that create more mobility. Approximately 80% of mobile users want the ability to print from their devices.

App Communications (02:16)

SpeechTrans helps App users to translate words and phrases into another language. Experts discuss the use of Apps in the healthcare system.

Mobile Apps Data (03:08)

Experts discuss the challenges of data security and privacy. Approximately 20-60% of App providers share data with or without permission.

Mobile World Congress (03:03)

Over 60,000 people gather in Barcelona to see App and technology visions of the future. Experts present the latest technological achievements.

Upcoming Advanced Applications (01:56)

The Flip Phone will be ready for production in two years; touch-to-touch technology lines the future. Learn the mobile App prevalence projected time line for 2014-2019.

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Apps are available to everyone and each smartphone user has the ability to own a countless number of these mini-programs. The college in Hagenberg in Upper Austria is considered one of Austria’s most imperative training grounds for young talent in the app world. With the growing influence apps are having on our everyday lives,  how long will it take for apps to operate our refrigerators and replace our wallets? Which also leads us to the question of whether in fact we need these apps? (27 minutes)

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