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Introduction: Supermarket Sleuth: Episode 3 (02:16)

In this episode, Cherry Healey will uncover the healthful properties of supermarket favorites: cheese, coffee and blueberries.

Coffee's Caffeine Boost (02:50)


Cherry Healey quizzes people on the street about the world's most popular hot drink. Dr. Sarah Schenker discusses coffee's mild stimulant and says coffee is not a diuretic.

Caffeine Provides Athletic Edge (02:04)

Men on the Loughborough University hockey team take caffeine before games. Prof. Mike Gleeson studies the effects of caffeine on athletic performance.

Blind Caffeine Test (03:10)

Cherry Healey is joined by a hockey player to participate in a treadmill challenge to see if caffeine can enhance performance.

Test Results (01:49)

Cherry Healey and Callum have measurable improvements in physical performance after ingesting coffee. Caffeine blocks the chemical message that tells our brain we are tired.

Love of Chocolate (02:17)

Dietician Sian Porter explains that after adding fat and sugar to raw cacao it becomes a high calorie treat and should only be eaten in small amounts.

Cardiovascular Benefits of Flavanols (03:57)

Prof. Ian McDonald discusses new research on the benefits of chocolate. Volunteers are tested for flexibility of the main artery in their arm after eating dark chocolate.

Dark Chocolate vs White Chocolate (01:58)

Eating dark chocolate is shown to increase artery flexibility in test subjects. Chocolate containing high percentages of cocoa solids are likely to be rich in flavanols.

Declining Potato Sales (01:47)

Cherry Healey surveys people on the street to find out why potatoes have fallen out of favor.

Potato Nutrition (02:21)

Potatoes contain: protein, minerals, vitamin B6, half the daily recommended amount of vitamin C and more potassium than a banana. See fiber under a microscope.

Fiber Fight: Potato vs Brown Rice (03:02)

After drying, grinding and adding liquid enzymes to rice and a potato, Dr. Joanne Maycock proves that the potato is higher in fiber.

Potato Nutrition Survey (01:30)

Shown six plates of food, people on the street are asked if they know which item has: more fiber, 1/2 RDA of vitamin C, 90% of potassium RDA and less than one gram of fat.

British Cheese Festival (02:52)

Cheese-lovers discuss the downside of cheese, fat & calories. Dietician Sue Baic says cheese offers protein and calcium, but cautions eating too much of the high saturated fat food.

Orange Juice Penny Cleaning (01:29)

Prof. Alastair Sloan discusses how foods that contain dietary acids cause erosion of tooth enamel.

Cheese Protects Teeth (05:05)

Prof. Alastair Sloan tests a woman's saliva pH levels before and after drinking orange juice. Eating a piece of cheese brings her pH back to a healthy level.

Health Benefits of Berries (02:35)

Prof. Jeremy Spencer says berries are unique because they contain high concentrations of flavonoids. Blueberries can boost brain function.

Brain Boost Experiment (04:35)

Students are tested for baseline exam scores and then given a blueberry or banana smoothie. Flavonoids cause an increase in blood flow to the parts of the brain responsible for memory and concentration.

Effect of Flavonoids on the Brain (02:40)

Four hours after ingesting a banana or blueberry smoothie, students are retested. Blueberry smoothie drinkers saw an 11% improvement on test scores.

Credits: Supermarket Sleuth: Episode 3 (00:34)

Credits: Supermarket Sleuth: Episode 3

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Cherry Healey uncovers the hidden health powers of some of our favorite foods. From the fat-burning properties of dairy to the brain-boosting berry that could get every student concentrating, she discovers healthy secrets lurking in the most surprising places. In this episode, Cherry tests the everyday staples that could help with everything from our hearts to our teeth. A part of the series Supermarket Sleuth. A BBC Production.

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