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Age of Extremes Introduction (02:25)


Man in the 20th century unlocks atomic power, and confronts communism and fascism, while winning new freedoms and amazing scientific achievements.

Munich Beer Hall Revolution (05:34)

After WWI, the economic collapse and specter of communism set the scene for Hitler's rise from unknown to Führer.

Mein Kampf (03:11)

At Landsberg Prison, Hitler gathered his co-conspirators and dictated Mein Kampf. The foundation was elected for the creation of a new Germany and the destruction of the Jews.

American Women Fight for Rights (03:11)

Nurse Margaret Sanger was determined to eliminate the horrors of backstreet abortions. Her birth control clinic was shut down and she was arrested.

Social Revolution (02:43)

Katherine McCormick organized contraceptive contraband from her Swiss chateau for Sanger's new clinic; the pill came on the market in 1960.

Mahatma Gandhi (07:33)

Gandhi's campaign of civil disobedience and non-violence led to India's independence. His salt campaign and arrests demonstrated the power of non-violent resistance.

Genocide (03:27)

During WWII, Britain and America allied with Russia to defeat Hitler's fascism. The Jewish massacre at Babi Yar, by the Nazis, was a continuation of Russian ethnic cleansing.

Hiroshima (08:16)

To end WWII and Japan's continued resistance, Robert Oppenheimer's atomic bomb fell on Hiroshima.

Cold War (01:59)

The Cold War détente allowed communism and capitalism to test their economic systems and their dreams of space exploration.

China's Cultural Revolution (07:03)

The revolution sacrificed millions in a war against the past. On Mao's death, the persecuted Deng Xiaoping introduced reforms that led to China's economic growth and humanitarian efforts.

Fall of the Berlin Wall and an Epic Chess Game (05:20)

In 1989, the fall of the Berlin Wall ended the Cold War with the victory of capitalism. In New York- 1997, the human brain competed against a computer in a chess game between Gary Kasparov and IBM's Deep Blue.

Challenge for Human History (07:30)

Today's accelerated age of technological invention poses new threats to our environment. The South American Ayoreo tribe recently made first contact with the outside world.

Credits: Age of Extremes: History of the World (00:27)

Credits: Age of Extremes: History of the World

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Age of Extremes: History of the World

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In this episode, the story comes up to date with the 20th century. Starting at Munich’s beer halls, we learn about Hitler’s first revolt at the Munich Putsch which resulted in his imprisonment at Landsberg, where the young Hitler was to dictate his memoirs, Mein Kampf. Whilst Hitler was fighting for power in Germany, women were fighting a different battle, that of sexual rights. In the back streets of Manhattan, nurse Margaret Sanger works with American heiress Katherine McCormick in a plan to smuggle contraceptives into America from Europe. At the Babi Yar concentration camp outside Kiev, we find out about the brutal mass murder of the Jews by the Nazis across Europe. The episode also travels to Hiroshima in Japan, the site of the world’s first atomic bomb by Oppenheimer, thought to end all wars. In China, we learn about how new thinking came in Mao’s Cultural Revolution, in trying to create a communist utopia. We visit New York to trace the story of man versus machine, Gary Kasparov against IBM’s Deep Blue, in a chess game that gripped the world. The series ends with a 360 degree turn, finishing with the Ayoreo tribe in the Chaco region of South America, a tribe who had only recently made their first contact with the outside world. A BBC/Discovery Channel/Open University Co-production. A part of the series History of the World.

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