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Science of Outer Space (01:58)


Dara O'Briain demystifies the life of astronauts and introduces expert panelists to "Science Club."

Viewing Planet Earth (02:13)

Astronomer Martin Rees describes the mundane duties of astronauts, his experience studying space, and aspirations to go to Mars.

History of Space Travel (03:31)

Learn how scientific knowledge of stars and astronomy has evolved from maritime navigation to aviation and NASA's missions.

Space Suit Engineering (05:37)

It's becoming impractical to send humans into space, as robots improve. Mark Miodownik undresses a space suit to illustrate how it supports astronauts in the hostile environment.

Outer Space Environment (03:06)

Learn what happens to the human body without the protection of a space suit. Miodownik demonstrates how blood boils in a vacuum.

Integrated Space Plan (02:00)

View a 1980s flow chart of plans to populate Mars and travel beyond the solar system.

Mars Mission Challenges (03:26)

Josh Widdecombe visits NASA in Houston to learn why chemical rocket propulsion is inadequate for reaching the red planet. Researchers are working on nuclear rocket technology.

Physical Space Exploration Challenges (02:19)

NASA researchers are studying long term effects of zero gravity conditions on the body. Widdecombe meets a test subject lying horizontal for two months and tries a vertical treadmill.

Astronaut Interview (02:51)

Widdecombe meets Andy Thomas, who thinks we will colonize Mars within a century—if there is political and financial will.

Psychology of Space Exploration (01:52)

Panelists discuss the issue of boredom on the year long journey to Mars.

3-D Printing on Mars (02:06)

Learn how technological innovations could help astronauts make their own tools and medical supplies in space.

Cosmic Ray Exposure (06:30)

Learn how outer space radiation can damage living tissue and lead to cancer. Prevention measures include improving spacecraft shields and traveling during the solar minimum.

Lunar Mission Requirements (02:26)

Learn astronaut selection criteria, supplies, equipment, and technology used for NASA's Saturn V spacecraft.

Voyager Mission (01:36)

Space probes launched in 1977 are close to leaving the solar system. Alok Jha investigates possible dangers of contacting alien life forms.

Universal Natural Selection (01:49)

Camera eyes have evolved separately in octopi and humans, suggesting aliens could evolve intelligence. Astrobiologists believe evolution would be at work on other planets.

Alien Threat Debate (04:29)

Astronomers explain why intelligent extra-terrestrial life is likely to exist. Learn contrasting theories of how they would behave towards humans.

Mars Mission Sports Equipment (01:20)

Miodownik uses a 3-D printer to make an outer space Frisbee. O'Briain thanks panelists and concludes the show.

Credits: Space: Dara O'Briain's Science Club (Series 1) (00:33)

Credits: Space: Dara O'Briain's Science Club (Series 1)

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Space: Dara O'Briain's Science Club (Series 1)

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Combining in-depth studio discussion with exploratory films and on-the-spot reports, Dara O Briain's Science Club takes a single subject each week and examines it from unexpected angles. In the fourth episode, science journalist Alok Jha asks whether it is a good idea for humans to reach out to extra-terrestrials; oceanographer Helen Czerski comes face to face with extreme radiation; special guest Josh Widdecombe visits NASA in Houston to find out the challenges of getting humans to Mars; and materials scientist Mark Miodownik takes apart a space suit. (50 minutes)

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