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Introduction: Albert Einstein: Dara O'Briain's Science Club (Series 1) (01:43)


This brief overview of Albert Einstein orients viewers with excerpts from the upcoming program.

Background (03:12)

Follow the basics of physics discovered by Galileo, Newton, Maxwell, Kelvin, and finally Einstein. Einstein's theories of special relativity shattered the world of physics.

Professor Janna Levin (02:44)

O'Briain sits down with a Physics and Astronomy professor to discuss Einstein's revolutionary ideas and popularity.

Refrigerant (05:00)

In the mid 1920s, Einstein was working on keeping food nicely chilled. Mark Miodownik dissects a refrigerator to explain how it works. Learn about the different coolant methods used over time.

What is Nothing? (02:49)

Marcus Brigstocke explores the vacuum of space at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory.

Vacuum Energy (02:36)

View particle tracks in a simulated vacuum of space. Quantum energy exists everywhere.

Expanding Cosmos (01:38)

Professor Bob Nichol explains how vacuum energy is accelerating the expansion of the universe.

Discussion (01:57)

O'Briain debriefs with Levin and Brigstocke about the nothingness of space.

Knot Theory (02:10)

Using headphones, O'Briain gives a real life example of knot theory.

Time Warp (01:59)

Learn how time can vary at different heights and speeds.

Waves (02:17)

Learn the basics of gravitational waves, black holes, and ripples.

Gravitational Waves (03:58)

Learn what gravity waves are and why they are so difficult to detect. Professor Jo Giaime explains how the Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory will measure the change in space-time.

Advanced LIGO (03:16)

View the advanced optics system that will increase the sensitivity of the instrument. O'Briain sits down with Helen Czerski to discuss the project.

Higgs Hunting Machine (02:53)

Alok Jha visits the site of this abandoned project in Texas. Learn why this super conducting super collider was cancelled after ten years of funding.

Funding Fundamental Physics (01:32)

Jha meets with Sir David King, who suggests that funds need to be diverted to more pressing matters.

Theory (02:36)

Jha visits The Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Canada where dozens of the finest minds come together to think.

Debrief (03:45)

O'Briain sits down with the panel to discuss the large price tags on research and technology.

Einstein's Brain (01:48)

View footage of Einstein's Brain. Thomas Harvey stole it during Einstein's autopsy.

Credits: Albert Einstein: Dara O'Briain's Science Club (Series 1) (00:36)

Credits: Albert Einstein: Dara O'Briain's Science Club (Series 1)

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Dara O'Briain and his team of experts take a special look at the father of modern physics, Albert Einstein. Physicist and oceanographer Helen Czerski hunts down Einstein's elusive gravitational waves. Resident materials scientist Mark Miodownik takes a fridge apart, special guest Marcus Brigstocke attempts to get to grips with dark energy and some of the biggest brains in science discuss the eternal problem of tangled headphone wires.

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