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Parati (02:58)


In this film, Michael Palin discovers how immigrants have created a unique culture in Southern Brazil. He visits a former gold town and meets the heir to the Brazilian throne, whose great grandmother abolished slavery in 1888.

Working for Embraer (05:04)

Palin participates in a flight simulation at Brazil's aircraft manufacturer—competing with Boeing and Airbus. Felipe shows him how to paint a tail fin and reflects on his dream job over a cafeteria lunch.

Brazilian Aircraft Manufacturing (03:25)

Dutch representatives make final inspections before purchasing an airplane for KLM. Embraer staff members are pleased with the sale and participate in a cultural exchange.

Sao Paulo Waste Management (03:47)

Palin visits Brazil's financial center, where wealthy residents avoid city traffic by flying in helicopters. Recycling mogul Wilson Quintella discusses his economic and social vision while meeting national pollution reduction goals.

"Avenida Brasil" (04:32)

Previously marginalized rubbish scavengers are given a voice in a popular soap opera. “Avenida Brasil” star Carolina Dieckmann shows Palin around a film studio and explains the social message behind telenovela plots.

Addressing Sao Paulo Poverty (02:23)

Rapper and poet Criolo's music resonates among favela residents. He shares his views of Brazil's social inequality with Palin and performs at a local gathering.

Brazil's Melting Pot (01:27)

Palin meets former president Fernando Henrique Cardoso in a wealthy Sao Paulo neighborhood. Credited with '90s economic growth, he compares Brazilian society to America.

Blumenau European Influence (02:01)

Supermodel Gisele Bündchen defies Brazilian stereotypes. Following her path, local model Priscilla Falaster is proud of her hometown and German roots.

Retaining German Culture (03:16)

Palin visits Pomerode, a town in Southern Brazil where 90% of residents speak a 19th century Pomeranian dialect. He participates in a Bavarian folk dance and helps serve beer.

European Valley (02:47)

A region in Southern Brazil was settled by German immigrants, whose culture and language are preserved today. Palin meets a German singer mixing Bavarian folk, rock, and samba.

Making Friends in Brazil (03:32)

Palin shares a train ride through the Atlantic Forest with a young spiritualist who shares his environmental views and gives him a Maori carving.

Pantanal Ranching (02:36)

Palin travels inland to Brazil's wetland region, where he joins a cattle drive. Cowboys medicate a calf after a jaguar attack.

Pantanal Culture (03:33)

Palin does bird watching and has lunch with the Rondon family, ranchers descended from the first settlers of Brazil's wetland region.

Pantanal Wildlife (07:03)

Palin travels upriver with local guide Jean, spotting caymans and capibaras. They catch a piranha and enjoy fresh sashimi for dinner.

Iguazu Falls (04:02)

Palin finishes his Brazil journey at a national park managed jointly by Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. A biologist is optimistic about the country's social and environmental future as it approaches superpower status.

Credits: The Deep South: Brazil with Michael Palin (00:34)

Credits: The Deep South: Brazil with Michael Palin

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The Deep South: Brazil with Michael Palin

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On his final leg of his journey, Michael starts in the picture perfect town of Parati where he meets up with Prince João de Bragança, heir to the defunct throne of Brazil. In Embraer and Sao Paolo Michael meets some of Brazil's successful politicians, heads of business and TV soap stars, who all have mixed opinions on Brazil's future. After experiencing the beauty and serenity of the vast wetlands of the Pantanal, Michael comes to his journey’s end at the magnificent Iguazu falls where he concludes that Brazil has much to offer the world as it takes its place as a new potential superpower. A BBC Production. A part of the series Brazil with Michael Palin. (54 minutes)

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