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Our Town: Opening Scene (01:30)


The narrator introduces the audience to his small New Hampshire town dating to 1670 and describes its residents. This classic adaptation of "Our Town," Thornton's Wilder's best-known play, came out in 1940.

Our Town: Grover's Corners in 1901 (03:04)

It's sunrise on June 7th. The town slowly wakes up; Dr. Gibbs returns from delivering a baby in Polish town and Mrs. Gibbs and Mrs. Webb prepare breakfast. Mr. Newsome delivers fresh milk.

Our Town: Daily Life in Grover's Corners (03:02)

Mr. Newsome's horse is confused by a change in the milk route. Dr. Gibbs chats with the paper boy Joe about local news. Mrs. Gibbs urges him to rest after a night call and calls the children to breakfast.

Our Town: Small Town Neighbors (03:38)

The Gibbs and Webb children rush to eat breakfast before going to school. After seeing them off, Mrs. Gibbs and Mrs. Webb chat while doing chores. Mrs. Gibbs dreams of going to Paris, possibly financed by selling furniture.

Our Town: Grover's Corners History (02:31)

Professor Willard cites geological, anthropological and population facts about the town and area.

Our Town: Grover's Corners Value System (02:11)

Mr. Webb cites social and political facts and responds to audience questions about alcohol consumption and culture in the town.

Our Town: Afternoon in Grover's Corners (03:03)

Children come home from school. George asks Emily for help with homework and tells her about his plans to become a farmer.

Our Town: Neighbor Romance (02:37)

After talking to George, Emily asks her mother if she's pretty enough to attract a husband. Mrs. Webb discourages her from vanity.

Our Town: Cynical Church Organist (03:07)

Drunk, Simon Stimson directs the choir practice and criticizes members' musical ability.

Our Town: Evening in Grover's Corners (02:13)

Emily and George work on math homework from their respective bedrooms. Emily is distracted by the moon but George doesn't pick up on the romantic hint.

Our Town: Father's Reprimand (02:55)

Dr. Gibbs informs George that Mrs. Gibbs has to chop the wood while he plays baseball. George feels bad and promises to help with the chores.

Our Town: Small Town Gossip (03:12)

Mrs. Gibbs talks with Mrs. Webb and Mrs. Soames about Simon's drinking on the way home from choir practice. Mrs. Gibbs urges Dr. Gibbs to take a vacation and he tells her about his conversation with George.

Our Town: Night at Grover's Corners (03:53)

Mr. Webb and Constable Warren advise Simon to go home and discuss how to discourage young people from vice. Emily can't sleep and Rebecca tells George a funny story.

Our Town: Grover's Corners in 1904 (02:50)

Three years pass; young people graduate from high school and think about settling down. One rainy morning, Mrs. Gibbs and Mrs. Webb prepare breakfast. Mr. Newsome chats with the paper boy about George giving up baseball to get married.

Our Town: Wedding Day (05:12)

Mrs. Gibbs worries George isn't old enough to leave home. Dr. Gibbs recalls their wedding and George goes next door to visit Emily but Mrs. Webb says he can't see her until the ceremony.

Our Town: Marriage Customs (03:36)

George talks with Mr. Webb about wedding ceremonies and tries to calm his nerves. Mr. Webb shares the advice he received on his wedding day and Mrs. Webb tells George to leave so Emily can come down for breakfast.

Our Town: High Expectations (04:13)

On the way home from school, Emily tells George baseball has made him conceited—she thinks he should be perfect, like their fathers. She gets upset and he invites her for an ice cream.

Our Town: First Date (07:05)

Emily and George have an ice cream soda. They share their feelings for each other and George decides not to go to agricultural college. He indirectly proposes marriage.

Our Town: Grover's Corners Wedding (06:30)

Hear community thoughts on marriage. Emily and George have reservations about getting married so young but go through with the ceremony. Mr. Newsome's milk delivery truck is a sign of changing times.

Our Town: Grover's Corners in 1913 (03:31)

Nine years have passed. The narrator visits the town cemetery on a hill and reflects on eternity; several community members have passed away including Mrs. Gibbs and Wally Webb.

Our Town: Grover's Corners Funeral (04:04)

Emily dies in pregnancy. She greets Mrs. Soames and Mrs. Gibbs in the cemetery and worries about Dr. Gibbs.

Our Town: Grover's Corners' Deceased (03:45)

Emily greets other town members in the cemetery and tells Mrs. Gibbs about improvements to the farm. She wants to go back and relive one day; they advise her to choose an unimportant day.

Our Town: Reliving Small Town Memories (06:23)

Emily revisits the morning of her 16th birthday in Grover's Corners. Seeing her family is painful and she wants to tell them to appreciate every moment of life.

Our Town: Appreciating Life (03:02)

Emily takes a final look at her family and wonders if anyone realizes how precious daily activities are. She wakes up to the newborn's cries; she and George share a moment. The narrator bids Grover's Corners goodnight.

Our Town: Credits (00:35)

Our Town: Credits

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Thornton Wilder's finest play, a deeply sympathetic examination of lives in small-town America, is here given an outstanding adaptation. The film was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture. Starring Frank Craven, William Holden, Thomas Mitchell, Martha Scott, Guy Kibbee, and Stuart Erwin. Directed by Sam Wood and featuring a score by Aaron Copland. (90 minutes)

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