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Jungle Book: Old Storyteller (01:19)


A British memsahib visiting India comments on a beautiful old man. The man offers to tell stories of elephants in exchange for money. This 1942 film is a loose adaptation of Rudyard Kipling's "The Jungle Book."

Jungle Book: Jungle and its Laws (01:49)

The narrator introduces us to the jungle. The law of the jungle holds that it is permissible to kill for food, but not for killing's sake.

Jungle Book: Social Order (03:19)

The narrator describes the social order of the jungle, and various animals' characteristics. The tiger introduced murder to the jungle.

Jungle Book: Man and Nature (01:20)

The rock snake taught mother Eve speech, the source of human treachery. Man is at war with nature. The jungle has retaken what were once glorious cities.

Jungle Book: Folly of Men's Plans (01:57)

Men build a village; a leader demands that they build it according to systematic plan. A dissident declares that he will plant a bean patch outside the city.

Jungle Book: Nathoo Lost (03:05)

Baby Nathoo runs off. His father searches for him; a tiger kills the father. The men take off in search of Nathoo; he is followed peacefully by a wolf.

Jungle Book: Nathoo Adopted (02:05)

Nathoo enters the wolves' cave and interacts with the pups. The father and mother wolves know Shere Khan is still on his trail and adopt him, naming him Mowgli and teaching him to survive the jungle.

Jungle Book: Chased to Village (03:32)

Shere Khan chases Mowgli, now 12. Mowgli swims. The tiger swims after him until being chased by a crocodile. Mowgli catches sight of the human village and is fascinated.

Jungle Book: Human Contact (01:40)

Mowgli swings from a tree to the village and wakes the people. He barks at them and evades them; they surround him but cannot control him.

Jungle Book: Mother Adopts Mowgli (03:51)

Villagers realize Mowgli is from the jungle and consider what to do with him. His mother, though she rejects the idea that he is her lost baby, wants to adopt him.

Jungle Book: Mother Communicates with Mowgli (03:10)

Mowgli's mother leads him into her hut. He feels shut in and climbs the wall. She tries to teach him to say mother, then communicates by howling and discerns that his name is Mowgli.

Jungle Book: Mowgli Wants Knife (02:13)

Mowgli's mother teaches him about money. He tells her about his enemy, Shere Khan; she gives him money to buy a knife to defend himself.

Jungle Book: Merchant's Daughter (03:05)

Mowgli meets the merchant's daughter, Mahala, and is sad to learn that the merchant hunts. The merchant is angry to catch them talking. They confront each other with gun and knife; Mowgli purchases the knife.

Jungle Book: Conversation with Mahala (01:58)

Mahala urges Mowgli not to return to the jungle. Mowgli plans to knife Shere Khan, who drove him from the jungle. Mahala arranges to meet him at night when he talks to the wolves.

Jungle Book: Return to Jungle (02:29)

Mowgli howls to the wolves and learns that Mahala has been given the favor of the jungle; they enter.

Jungle Book: Greeting Animals (02:25)

Mowgli encounters an elephant, who tells him of Shere Khan's whereabouts. He encounters a panther and; Mahala is afraid.

Jungle Book: Ruined Civilization (05:25)

Mowgli shows Mahala the ruins of a great civilization, defeated by the jungle. They find a King's buried treasures, guarded by a cobra, who threatens. Mowgli tries talking to it, then subdues it but will not kill it.

Jungle Book: Evils of Money (01:27)

Mowgli grabs a scepter he finds useful; Mahala points out a valuable ruby. The cobra warns Mowgli against the evils of wealth. Mowgli lets Mahala take a less-valuable gem.

Jungle Book: Buldeo Learns of Treasure (04:15)

Mahala, back at her father's house, shows him the gold she found amid ruins in the jungle and admits that Mowgli took her. Her father gets two other men interested in finding the treasure with him.

Jungle Book: Sher Khan Attacks (04:36)

Shere Khan tracks a sleeping Mowgli. An elephant warns him. Village people move inside the gates; Mowgli goes back out to fight the tiger. Treasure-seekers are worried he will be killed and plan to go in after him.

Jungle Book: Conversation with Kaa (04:05)

Mowgli visits a wise snake, Kaa, for advice as he prepares to encounter Shere Khan. Kaa prophesies Shere Khan's death.

Jungle Book: Mowgli Faces Shere Khan (03:26)

Mowgli taunts Shere Khan from up on a log, drawing him into a chase and into water, where he stabs it.

Jungle Book: Treasure Hunters Fearful (01:22)

Treasure-seekers fearfully seek the tiger; one goes off on his own; the others distrust his intentions. Mowgli has killed Shere Khan and howls the news to the jungle.

Jungle Book: Buldeo Threatens Mowgli (02:35)

Buldeo orders Mowgli at gunpoint to take him to the buried treasure. A panther attacks Buldeo; Buldeo believes Mowgli has turned into the panther and begs for his life.

Jungle Book: Treasure Seekers Quarrel (01:45)

Buldeo's companions join him in bowing down to Mowgli, who sends them away. Convinced Mowgli has revealed the treasure to Buldeo, they quarrel with him; a panther attacks, forcing them to flee.

Jungle Book: Buldeo Whips Mowgli (02:22)

Mowgli returns to the village with the tiger skin. Buldeo orders villagers to seize him, whips him and has a fire prepared, demanding his secret; Mowgli howls for help from the wolves.

Jungle Book: Mowgli Conflicted (01:54)

Mowgli's mother begs him to reveal his secret to Buldeo. He talks about feeling divided, without a home either in jungle or village.

Jungle Book: Mowgli Escapes Burning (01:14)

Mowgli's mother unties him; Buldeo allows this to happen so he will escape and his companions can follow him to the treasure.

Jungle Book: Buldeo Finds Treasure (04:24)

Buldeo tells the crowd to tie Mowgli's mother until his return. He and his companions track Mowgli, find the ruined city, and then the treasure. Mowgli watches; he has planned this.

Jungle Book: Gathering Treasure (04:18)

Buldeo and his companions go in the pit and gather the treasure. Mowgli and a wolf watch from above as they fight over a very precious ruby, then reach an understanding.

Jungle Book: Mowgli Frightens Treasure Hunters (03:36)

The panther threatens the treasure hunters from the cave pit. Mowgli, pretending to have turned into the panther, orders them out of the jungle. They leave with their treasure but lose the way.

Jungle Book: Murder for Ruby (02:53)

The treasure hunters sleep in the forest. One stabs another in his sleep to steal the ruby.

Jungle Book: Buldeo Kills Companion (02:33)

Buldeo's companion perceives his greed for the ruby and attacks. Buldeo pushes the man into the water, where a crocodile kills him.

Jungle Book: Buldeo Flees (02:32)

The jungle turns on Buldeo. He drops his packs, then swings across the river and slashes his ruby sword at a crocodile, who takes it. Buldeo threatens to burn down the jungle when he returns.

Jungle Book: Mowgli Urges Offensive (00:58)

Mowgli tells elephants that the men are dangerous, and the jungle must recapture their village.

Jungle Book: Setting Fire (02:20)

Mowgli's mother and her defender remain tied up. Buldeo arrives and gathers men, who set fire to the jungle. The fire threatens the village; villagers flee.

Jungle Book: Mowgli Saves Villagers (02:21)

Mowgli tells Mahala to lead those with her to an island to escape the fire. Mowgli rides to the village and frees his mother and leads her to the island. He stays behind to save the jungle.

Jungle Book: Mowgli Says Goodbye (03:11)

Animals cross the river to escape the fire; Mowgli urges them on. His mother urges him to come with the humans; he tells her he will live in the jungle.

Jungle Book: Buldeo Finishes Tale (00:36)

Buldeo concludes his story, saying he was defeated by the jungle. The memsahib asks what became of Mowgli and Mahala; he says that is another story.

Jungle Book: Credits (00:16)

Jungle Book: Credits

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This 1942 live-action adventure film is a loose adaptation of Rudyard Kipling's children's classic. The young actor Sabu stars as the jungle boy Mowgli. The film was nominated for a number of Academy Awards, including Best Cinematography and Best Visual Effects. Also starring Joseph Calleia. Directed by Zoltan Korda.

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