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Credits & Introduction: His Girl Friday (00:49)


Credits & Introduction: His Girl Friday. This adaptation of Ben Hecht's play "The Front Page" was produced in 1940.

His Girl Friday: Welcome Back Hildy! (01:33)

Hildy and her fiance arrive at The Morning Post newsroom, where she is greeted by co-workers. She asks Bruce to wait while she sees her ex-husband, Walter.

His Girl Friday: Hildy's Engagement News (10:18)

Walter tells Duffy to bribe the Governor into signing a reprieve for Earl Williams. After trading quips about their failed marriage, Walter asks Hildy to come back and work for him.

His Girl Friday: Walter Meets Bruce (01:53)

Walter mistakes an older man for Hildy's fiance. Walter invites himself along on Hildy and Bruce's lunch date.

His Girl Friday: Fake Phone Call (04:49)

At the restaurant, Walter questions Bruce over his and Hildy's marriage plans. Walter arranges to be called away from the table after learning Bruce and Hildy are leaving town in a few hours.

His Girl Friday: Call to Duffy (00:27)

Walter asks Duffy to figure out a way to prevent the 4 o'clock train from departing and also to give Sweeney a leave of absence.

His Girl Friday: Guilting Hildy to Write the Story (04:06)

Walter explains the political implications of executing convicted killer, Earl Williams. Walter promises to buy insurance from Bruce if he will persuade Hildy to stay and do the story.

His Girl Friday: Press-Room Poker Game (03:30)

Hildy tells reporter friends about her plans to marry. Officials prepare the gallows. She finds out what the reporters know about the Earl Williams case.

His Girl Friday: Walter's Beneficiary (02:56)

After completing his medical check-up, Walter explains to Bruce why Hildy should be his beneficiary. Duffy gives Walter a certified check for $2500.

His Girl Friday: Bruce is Followed (01:50)

Bruce tells Hildy that Walter has given him a certified check for an insurance policy. Hildy has him hide it in his hat.

His Girl Friday: Jailhouse Interview (02:42)

Hildy asks convicted murderer Earl Williams what he remembers about the day he shot the policeman.

His Girl Friday: Mollie Malloy Confronts Reporters (05:48)

Press-room reporters gossip about the likelihood of Hildy's marriage succeeding. Hildy listens in as Malloy tries to set reporters straight about her relationship with Williams.

His Girl Friday: Jailed for Watch Theft (00:21)

Hildy threatens the guard with bad press if he doesn't release Bruce from jail.

His Girl Friday: Lost Wallet (00:48)

Riding in a cab, Hildy gets the insurance premium check from Bruce and he realizes his wallet is missing.

His Girl Friday: Hildy Walks Out (02:17)

Hildy catches press-room reporters discussing her again. She phones Walter and calls him a "double-crossing chimpanzee." She rips up her story and ends their bargain.

His Girl Friday: Williams Psychological Interview (01:02)

Sheriff Hartwell and Dr. Eggelhoffer ignore Williams as they discuss publicity opportunities.

His Girl Friday: Jail Break (01:15)

Just as Hildy is making a grand exit, she and the other reporters hear gunfire from the street below. She calls Walter to let him know she is on top of the story.

His Girl Friday: Tackling Warden Cooley (00:41)

Hildy chases down Cooley to get the scoop on Earl Williams' escape.

His Girl Friday: Reporting on Williams Escape (03:13)

Reporters Endicott and Murphy call in their stories from the press room. Hildy offers Walter the exclusive story if he will pay her back the $450 it cost her.

His Girl Friday: Pretense of Payment (00:44)

Walter arranges for a woman to detain Bruce and for Louis to deliver counterfeit money to Hildy.

His Girl Friday: Bruce Arrested Again (03:33)

Hildy finds out Bruce has been arrested. Mayor Fred refuses to comment on the escape or coming elections. Reporters mock Mayor Fred and Sheriff Hartwell.

His Girl Friday: Bribing Joe Pettibone (03:09)

Mayor Fred and Sheriff Hartwell argue about the political ramifications if Earl Williams is not executed. Pettibone delivers Williams' reprieve. The mayor puts out a bounty on Williams.

His Girl Friday: Hildy Hides Earl Williams (08:43)

Hildy threatens Louis with if doesn't leave Bruce alone. A distraught Earl holds Hildy at gunpoint. Mrs. Baldwin tells reporters that Hildy knows where Earl is. Mollie leaps to her death.

His Girl Friday: Bruce Gives Up on Hildy (06:00)

Hildy is angry with Walter for getting her wrapped up in the Earl Williams story. He convinces her to stick with it. Bruce arrives and is unable to divert Hildy's attention from her typing.

His Girl Friday: Walter Hires Bensinger (02:49)

Walter hustles a reporter out of the press room to keep him from discovering Earl Williams' hiding spot.

His Girl Friday: Calling Hospitals (03:23)

Louis tells Walter that he doesn't know what happened to Mrs. Baldwin after they were involved in a crash. Hildy worries that Bruce's mother is dead.

His Girl Friday: Walter & Hildy Arrested (04:41)

Sheriff Hartwell accuses Hildy of knowing Earl Williams' whereabouts. Mrs. Baldwin says Walter ordered her abduction. Williams is ordered out of the desk at gunpoint.

His Girl Friday: Reprieve Redelivery (03:29)

Sheriff Hartwell takes credit for the capture of Earl Williams. Mayor Fred gloats over the arrest of Walter and Hildy. Pettibone's bribery is exposed.

His Girl Friday: Walter Proposes (04:09)

Hildy reminisces about past experiences she and Walter shared. She is reduced to tears after learning Bruce has been arrested again and that Walter doesn't really want her to go back to Bruce.

Credits: His Girl Friday (00:32)

Credits: His Girl Friday

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This adaptation of Ben Hecht's play The Front Page, about savvy newshounds on the trail of a major political story, is one of Hollywood's comedy classics. The major difference from the original is that the reporter in the film is a woman, played brilliantly by Rosalind Russell. Also starring Cary Grant, Ralph Bellamy, Gene Lockhart, Ernest Truex, Roscoe Karns, Regis Toomey, Helen Mack, Billy Gilbert. Added to the National Film Registry, 1993. OFTA Hall of Fame, 2017. In English. Directed by Howard Hawks. USA.

Length: 92 minutes

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Copyright date: ©1940

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