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Crimes at the Dark House: Blackwater Park (05:13)


A man murders Sir Percival Glyde and takes his identity. He arrives at the Glyde estate and greets his servants; none remember Percival as a boy. This 1940 melodrama is based on Wilkie Collins' 1859 novel "The Woman in White."

Crimes at the Dark House: Overdraft (03:44)

Sir Percival meets the Glyde family lawyer, Mr. Merriman and learns that the estate is heavily in debt. He also learns of a long-standing betrothal to Lord Fairlie's daughter.

Crimes at the Dark House: Fairlie Manor (02:58)

Laura and Marian Fairlie paint in the study with their disagreeable uncle. Frederick Fairlie reminds Laura of her betrothal to Percival Glyde; Glyde is on his way to see her.

Crimes at the Dark House: Fatherhood? (03:44)

The housekeeper interrupts Percival's flirtation with a maid to announce Dr. Isidor Fosco and Mrs. Catherick. Mrs. Catherick claims that he is not Percival Glyde, the man that fathered her child.

Crimes at the Dark House: Imposter (02:56)

Dr. Fosco reveals that Mrs. Catherick's daughter is in an asylum. Percival promises to settle the debt. Fosco and Mrs. Catherick know that Percival is an imposter.

Crimes at the Dark House: Unhappy Engagement (03:59)

Paul Hartwright and Laura Fairlie are in love. Percival arrives and Laura asks him to break the contract; they will marry on Michaelmas.

Crimes at the Dark House: Ghosts? (05:59)

Dr. Fosco reveals that Anne Catherick has escaped; he will spend the night at Blackwater. Jessica announces that she is pregnant with Percival's child. Jessica and Percival see the Woman in White.

Crimes at the Dark House: Murder (04:50)

Paul Hartwright finds a note from the Woman in White and confronts Percival. Percival urges Dr. Fosco to find Anne Catherick. Percival promises to take Jessica somewhere peaceful; he strangles her.

Crimes at the Dark House: Lady Glyde (02:50)

Percival marries Laura Fairlie; Paul Hartwright vows to find the woman in white. The housekeeper takes Laura and Marian to their rooms.

Crimes at the Dark House: Wedding Night (03:50)

Marian distracts Percival from his forceful behavior; she and Laura go to their rooms. Percival sees the Woman in White while Laura awaits him in the bedroom.

Crimes at the Dark House: Percival's Deceit (03:42)

Percival and Mr. Merriman discuss finances. Percival tries to force Laura to sign a document giving Percival her money; Marian stops her.

Crimes at the Dark House: Murder and Blackmail (03:23)

Dr. Fosco intercepts a letter from Anne Catherick. Percival strangles Mrs. Catherick in the boathouse. Fosco confronts Percival about Mrs. Catherick's death.

Crimes at the Dark House: Evil Deeds (03:52)

Percival and Dr. Fosco find Woman in White; she looks like Laura. They take the ill woman back to Blackwater. Percival exposes her to the elements and substitutes Laura for the woman at the asylum.

Crimes at the Dark House: Locked Away (03:34)

Frederick Fairlie and Marian receive word that Laura is very ill. Marian hurries to Blackwater and finds "Laura" dead. The real Laura tries to talk her way out of the asylum.

Crimes at the Dark House: (03:23)

Dr. Fosco and Percival celebrate their wicked deeds. Paul Hartwright vows to expose Percival as a scoundrel. He goes to the asylum to see the Woman in White.

Crimes at the Dark House: The Real Laura Fairlie (01:55)

Paul Hartwright finds Laura and frees her from the asylum.

Crimes at the Dark House: Truth Revealed (03:43)

Marian overhears Dr. Fosco and Percival arguing. Percival attacks Fosco and Marian. Laura and Paul arrive; Percival shoots Paul and escapes.

Crimes at the Dark House: Justice for Percival (03:35)

Percival hangs Dr. Fosco at the church and burns the records. He tries to escape but is caught in the flames.

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This 1940 melodrama is based on Wilkie Collins 1859 novel The Woman in White, considered one of the first mystery novels. The film features the famous B movie star Tod Slaughter as the false Sir Percival Glyde, who murders the real Glyde to take over his inheritance and then sets his sights on finding a rich wife. Also starring Hilary Eaves, Sylvia Marriott, and Hay Petrie. In English. Directed by George King. UK.

Length: 69 minutes

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Copyright date: ©1940

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