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A Study in Scarlet: Suicide Scene (02:04)


At London's Victoria Station, a train compartment is locked. Employees discover a strangled man inside, apparently by his own hand. This early Sherlock Holmes film is loosely based on Arthur Conan Doyle's novel "A Study in Scarlet."

A Study in Scarlet: Secret Society Meeting (03:40)

A coded message with the words "Scarlet" and "Limehouse" appears in a paper. June attends a gathering about Mr. Murphy's suicide. In the event of death a member's assets are divided equally among the club; Mrs. Murphy will receive none.

A Study in Scarlet: A New Client (04:48)

Sherlock and Watson discuss the mysterious code. Mrs. Murphy enters, upset that her inheritance has been left to Mr. Merrydew. She shows them a riddle her husband left before committing suicide; they take her case to bring the "blackmail" lawyer to justice.

A Study in Scarlet: Second Victim (03:06)

The Secret Society meeting adjourns; Merrydew warns June not to tell anyone about it or to marry. Suddenly, Captain Pyke runs in and is shot through the window. As Merrydew checks outside, an accomplice attacks June and removes the body.

A Study in Scarlet: Identifying Captain Pyke (02:53)

Captain Pyke's body is confirmed by his ring and papers, among them a riddle. Mrs Pyke tells Sherlock when she last saw her husband and requests he contact her lawyer Merrydew. Sherlock thinks she's lying.

A Study in Scarlet: Third Victim (01:06)

Malcolm Dearing receives a riddle in his office. A shadow approaches and he tries to run but is shot.

A Study in Scarlet: Murder Evidence (04:39)

An inspector summons Sherlock and Watson to investigate Dearing's death. They find a riddle; Sherlock gives a detailed description of the killer based on clues at the scene.

A Study in Scarlet: Murder Suspect (04:16)

Sherlock and Watson ask Merrydew about Mrs. Murphy's money. Sherlock informs him of Dearing's death and gives him a note containing the newspaper code. On the way out, they discuss evidence linking him to the victims and see Mrs. Pyke.

A Study in Scarlet: A Trespasser (03:11)

Merrydew visits June about another Secret Society meeting. After he leaves, she tells her fiancé Stanford about Merrydew's role in her inheritance. Stanford sees a man outside the window but he runs away.

A Study in Scarlet: Decoding a Message (02:01)

Stanford describes the trespasser to Sherlock, who instructs him to protect June from danger. The newspaper message says "meeting of Scarlet Ring Tuesday." Sherlock will request more information in the next edition.

A Study in Scarlet: Interest in the Pyke Estate (03:17)

Mr. Pyke's gardener chats with an innkeeper. Sherlock enters in disguise, requesting a ride to the Pyke home and buys him a drink, asking about the Pyke family.

A Study in Scarlet: Investigating the Pyke Estate (07:56)

The gardener drives Sherlock to the Pyke home. He pretends to inspect it for purchase and fakes illness so the maid goes for help. He finds a secret room with a bed and cigar box; a passage leads to the garden house and a pond with a rowboat.

A Study in Scarlet: Mrs. Pyke's Request (01:43)

Mrs. Pyke asks Wilson to accompany her to the Pyke estate to settle her husband's affairs. Sherlock places a request for information on the "Scarlet Ring" in the paper.

A Study in Scarlet: Scarlet Ring Meeting (03:36)

Society members speculate as to who betrayed the code. Merrydew says the organization will soon cease to exist and they will split one million pounds—if they live. June arrives and the meeting begins.

A Study in Scarlet: Murder Attempt (02:46)

Stanford notifies Sherlock and Watson that June has entered the meeting. They hide while the participants exit, discovering June is locked inside. They break in, saving her from gas poisoning.

A Study in Scarlet: Murder Instructions (02:13)

After narrowly missing death, Wilson runs to Sherlock and Watson's office in a panic. A person invisible from the camera visits Merrydew, who tells him to finish everything by tomorrow night, on account of Sherlock.

A Study in Scarlet: Exposing the Scarlet Ring (03:32)

Wilson explains that someone's attempted to kill him and confesses the group's money making scheme. Sherlock instructs him to go to Pyke's estate and hide in the secret room. As they leave the office, they discover Baker dead—with a note to Sherlock.

A Study in Scarlet: (03:18)

Sherlock enters a pub with the police and buys Mr. Pyke's gardener a drink. As they leave for the grange, Stanford bursts in and tells Sherlock that June has disappeared with Mrs. Pyke.

A Study in Scarlet: Society Members in Danger (03:39)

June, Mrs. Pyke and Wilson wait at the grange for Sherlock. A telegram arrives for June with a mysterious message. Wilson advises her to lock the door; they all go to bed and Mrs. Pyke checks on her guests.

A Study in Scarlet: Catching the Killers (02:27)

A cloaked man sneaks past the guards. Mrs. Pyke tells him where the guests are sleeping; he enters June's room and carries her down the secret passage but Sherlock apprehends him. They rescue Wilson as Mrs. Pyke's butler is preparing to stab him.

A Study in Scarlet: Solving the Scarlet Ring Case (03:54)

Sherlock reveals the murderer is Captain Pyke and explains how he faked his death. Police apprehend Merrydew, who denies the charges. Sherlock describes investigation methods that led to his successful conclusion.

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This early Sherlock Holmes film bears only a loose relationship to Arthur Conan Doyle's novel A Study in Scarlet, which first introduced Sherlock Holmes to the world. The film stars Reginald Owen as Holmes and Warburton Gamble as Watson. Also starring Anna May Wong, the first Chinese-American movie star. Directed by Edwin L. Marin.

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