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Case Study: Sexual Dysfunction (03:05)


Experts agree that doctors infrequently ask women about sexual health.

Is This Normal? (03:31)

Panelists discuss a case in which the patient says sex is not a priority. A healthy woman should feel good and be emotionally satisfied. The desire for intimacy may be present without a sex drive during menopause.

Female Sexual Disfunction (01:59)

Panelists discuss the use of this term. Some say it is used as a marketing tool by the pharmaceutical industry. Physical and emotional issues can contribute to sexual dissatisfaction.

Decreasing Hormones (04:26)

Panelists discuss sexual dysfunction and testosterone levels during menopause. SSRIs and emotional problems may be affect sexual function.

What Questions to Ask (02:08)

Panelists disagree on how to approach sexual health concerns with female patients.

Patient Concerns (03:26)

The case study patient has no interest in sex. She has no pain but does experience dryness and discomfort. She began to lose interest in sex in her mid 40s. Experts do not agree on a diagnosis of sexual dysfunction.

Pharmacology and Hormones (04:02)

Many people expect medication to solve all health issues. Experts discuss estrogen and testosterone as treatments for female sexual issues. Many women experience abrupt changes during menopause.

Treatment Plan and Summary (02:08)

Many women with sexual concerns can benefit from treatment that addresses medical and emotional issues. Panelists discuss.

Credits: Female Sexual Dysfunction (Episode 603) (01:07)

Credits: Female Sexual Dysfunction (Episode 603)

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Sexual response is influenced by biological, social, psychological and cultural factors. Led by Dr. Peter Salgo, panelists discuss whether and how doctors address sexuality within patient care. Their discussion includes the case study for this week, 58-year-old Dora, who has lost interest in sex.

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