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Diagnosis Difficulties Case Study: Beth (03:04)


Beth is a 40-year-old mother. She feels fatigued, aches, has no energy, and does not sleep well. Experts learn the results of Beth's physical exam and give their initial thoughts.

Thorough Medical History is Vital (02:46)

Experts learn more information about Beth's medical and family history, her lab results, and discuss possible directions for diagnosis.

Possible Birth Defect? (01:48)

Whitney Witkowski shares her medical history and the difficulties she faced with achieving a proper diagnosis.

Working Through a Case (02:55)

Beth's doctor is unable to determine what is wrong; he gives her three medications. Experts discuss looking at common problems and improving a patient's quality of life.

Differential Diagnosis (03:37)

Whitney Witkowski shares her frustration with her condition. Experts learn new information about Beth's symptoms and discuss patient narrative.

Focused Exam (02:18)

Beth's neurologist discovers further physical symptoms during another exam. Experts discuss the development of a focused exam after repeat visits. Dr. Salgo summarizes the discussion thus far.

Diagnostic Dilemma (03:52)

Experts are still unable to provide a diagnosis for Beth. Dr. Gahl discusses trying to diagnosis difficult cases. Experts discuss the importance of providing a diagnosis.

Years for a Diagnosis (02:50)

Beth returns to her doctor three years later but is no longer frustrated with her non-diagnosis. Another three years pass and she finally receives a diagnosis. Experts discuss treating Mitochondrial Myopathy.

Art of Medicine (01:36)

Whitney Witkowski discusses her diagnosis and learns something new from one of the experts. Dr. Salgo summarizes the discussion of Beth's case study.

Credits: Art of Diagnosis: Second Opinion—Taking Charge of Your Health Care (01:04)

Credits: Art of Diagnosis: Second Opinion—Taking Charge of Your Health Care

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Art of Diagnosis: Second Opinion—Taking Charge of Your Health Care

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Imagine having a condition that cannot be diagnosed for months or years. How do doctors find the answer to an elusive disease, and what role does the patient play in finding the cause? (27 minutes)

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