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Solar Power in Developing Countries (01:04)


25% of the global population lives without electricity, but in regions with strong sunlight. This film will investigate how we can make use of desert exposure.

Solar Power in Ethiopia (03:52)

A technician travels to a remote village to train locals in maintaining photovoltaic panels. Learn how the technology has improved health care facilities.

Solar Power in India (01:29)

Rural school children receive reading lamps through a German climate protection initiative. Project success will be monitored in terms of educational development.

Solar Thermal Technology (02:44)

Students from developing countries participate in a solar power course in Berlin. Just 1% of desert surface area could power the entire world; visit a Moroccan station using parabolic mirror troughs.

Solar Power Towers (01:58)

An experimental facility in Spain tests a new technology using mirrors to reflect light and convert water to steam—but unlike photovoltaic panels, they require direct sunlight.

Rhema Solar Village (05:14)

Learn how residents of a rural Ethiopian town are empowered by solar powered electricity. The Solar Energy Foundation trains technicians and has built infrastructure to pump and purify drinking water.

Solar Power Costs (01:30)

International course participants visit a German village running entirely on renewable energy and discuss the pros and cons of bringing photovoltaic technology to their countries.

Pumped Hydroelectricity Principle (03:18)

The Moroccan government plans to meet 40% of energy demand from renewable sources. An engineer visits potential solar thermal sites and explains how salt water could be used to store energy for Europe.

Solar Kiosk Project (04:00)

A German-Indian collaboration provides villages with solar electricity, empowering residents to pursue development while addressing climate change. The decentralized model can work all over the world.

Credits: The Inexhaustible Source - Solar Energy (00:18)

Credits: The Inexhaustible Source - Solar Energy

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As much energy falls on the Earth's deserts in just six hours as all of mankind consumes in the course of an entire year. Morocco is aiming to become the first country in Africa to invest in solar thermal technology on a large scale. But small, decentralized photovoltaic systems can generate power more efficiently—in countries like Ethiopia or India, for example, where the majority of the people live in rural areas far from any power grid. (26 minutes)

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