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Introduction to Spring: Supermarket Secrets (02:07)


Find out what supermarket secrets will be covered in this program about spring food.

Easter Favorite (02:08)

Seasonal events encourage shoppers to spend more. Millions are spent on chocolate every spring.

Top Secret Easter Chocolate (05:32)

A team of developers meets to discuss a new line of novelty treats. County Confectionery will be the supplier. The managing director must find a way to produce the detailed figures.

Hot Cross Buns Part One (05:33)

This treat has been an Easter tradition since the late 1600s. Many are baked in the grocery stores that sell them. Gregg goes behind the scenes to learn about the food science that makes each bun identical.

Hot Cross Buns Part Two (03:44)

After the buns finishing rise, Gregg attempts to frost them quickly. A clever trick keeps the buns from collapsing by equalizing the pressure between the outside air and the bubbles inside.

Tracking Consumer Behavior (03:09)

Grocery stores spend a lot of money studying how customers shop. Gregg tries out high tech eyewear that tracks where people's eyes look while they move in the store.

Maximizing Shopping Time (02:44)

Consumer research shows that people use brands, shapes, and colors more than words while browsing in the grocery store. An easy shopping trip makes customers more likely to spend more.

Pancake Day (04:59)

Seasonal events like Easter increase the purchase of eggs. Gregg goes behind the scenes to see where the extra eggs come from. Over 20 percent of eggs produced go into factory made foods.

Egg Processing (04:19)

Gregg visits a packing plant to find out how eggs are distributed without being broken. Machines are more reliable than human hands. Technology has transformed the quality control process.

Product Approval Presentation (05:07)

Four creatures have been created as part of a new range of Easter treats. Company executives scrutinize the new products on taste and appearance. The panel approves the new line of chocolates.

Artificial Seasons (05:39)

Daffodils show up on grocery store shelves as soon as Christmas is over. Gregg visits a greenhouse to see how supermarkets can sell these cut flowers in January.

Fish Market in the Spring (04:29)

Many once seasonal products are now available all year round. Supermarkets are under pressure to help solve the over fishing issue. Some species can be caught and farmed in huge volumes.

Fish Finding Sonar System (05:25)

Gregg visits a fisherman who makes his living supplying sardines to Tesco. He is doing his best to meet interest in alternative fish varieties. A mesh net holds fish without damaging them.

New Product Placement (03:08)

New Easter treats are placed in a sought after position in the grocery store. High sales mean the chocolates are a success.

Credits: Spring: Supermarket Secrets (00:45)

Credits: Spring: Supermarket Secrets

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With spring in the air, Gregg finds out what it takes to bring Britain millions of eggs for Pancake Day, discovers the clever technology behind Easter chocolate, and reveals what our eyes tell us about the way we shop.

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