Segments in this Video

ASD Music Talent Search (01:01)


Host Reggie Yates introduces the live audience "Autistic Superstars" show and describes his six-week journey around the U.K. to find young participants.

Derek's Story (01:28)

Yates introduces Derek to the audience. Learn about the autistic performer's background and view him perform "Flight of the Bumblebee" on two pianos simultaneously.

Carly's Story (04:22)

Yates visits 23 year-old Carly's family and convinces her parents to let her on "Autistic Superstars." The team learns the challenges of working with an ASD individual while preparing her to perform.

"Mercy" (03:43)

Derek finishes his piano performance and Yates introduces Carly on "Autistic Superstars." See her perform "Mercy" by Duffy.

Martin's Story (04:06)

Yates meets 18 year-old Martin whose autism makes it difficult to communicate. He practices singing with a voice coach and breaks his rigid routine to appear on "Autistic Superstars."

Triumphant Performance (01:48)

Carly finishes her song on "Autistic Superstars." Her father reflects on how the live audience is affecting her positively.

"Sweet Disposition" (05:03)

Yates introduces Martin, who overcomes his autistic communication challenges to sing "Sweet Disposition" by the Temper Traps.

Brittany's Story (04:32)

The blind and autistic teenager can instantly memorize and repeat any song on the piano. She and her mother prepare to travel from New York to London for "Autistic Superstars;" she practices a duet with Derek.

"Billie Jean" (02:31)

Yates introduces Brittany, who plays "Billie Jean" by Michael Jackson on the piano. She's pleased with the performance.

"Autistic Superstars" Blues Performance (01:20)

15 year old David has Asperger's Syndrome and plays the blues guitar. 11 year old James is autistic and joins him on the drums.

Human iPod (01:11)

Derek's music teacher recognized his talent at a young age. Learn how autism allows him to retain and perform music after hearing it just once.

"I Love Superstition" (01:58)

With 20,000 songs "stored" in his memory, Derek performs requests of Stevie Wonder's "I Love Superstition" and Robbie Williams' "Let Me Entertain You."

Search for the Perfect Song (02:39)

Carly communicates her refusal to sing "New York" verbally and physically. The autistic woman's singing coach works with her to master "Back to Black" in time for the show.

"Smooth Criminal" (01:42)

As Derek performs an audience request of "Smooth Criminal" by Michael Jackson on "Autistic Superstars," Carly prepares backstage for her song.

"Back to Black" (01:57)

Carly sings Amy Winehouse’s "Back to Black" for a live audience on "Autistic Superstars."

Parenting Autistic Children (02:40)

With three ASD children, Carly's parents share strategies for managing the family. Despite forgetting the lyrics, Carly finishes "Back to Black" strong on "Autistic Superstars."

"I've Got Feeling" (02:58)

Derek and Brittany perform "I've Got Feeling" by the Black Eyed Peas as a duet on "Autistic Superstars."

"Speed of Sound" (01:49)

Martin sings "Speed of Sound" by Coldplay on "Autistic Superstars."

"You've Got the Love" (04:05)

Yates invites all "Autistic Superstars" performers on stage to play Florence and the Machine's "You've Got the Love" together as a band.

Performing with Autism (03:30)

"Autistic Superstars" musicians reflect on their experience playing for a live audience.

Credits: Autistic Superstars (00:40)

Credits: Autistic Superstars

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23 year-old Carly Ryan stuns audiences with her rendition of “You’ve Got the Love”, 18 year-old Martin Finn wows the crowd with his Chris Martin-esque singing voice, and musical savant Derek Paravicini sits at a piano playing song requests from a limitless musical memory. Autistic Superstars documents an unusual and controversial event where young people on the autistic and Asperger’s spectrum take up the challenge of performing for a live televised audience. (55 minutes)

Length: 56 minutes

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