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Patients with No Voice (03:09)


Alex's mother explains the accident that resulted in his traumatic brain injury. Scientists hope to make contact inside a patient's mind to establish communication.

Alex De Martelly, 19 (04:02)

Staff at the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability (RHN) uses SMART to try to determine Alex's awareness. Jess, Alex's girlfriend, hangs pictures in his room. Sally De Martelly describes her son before his accident.

Michael Taylor, 25 (02:55)

Michael's parents tell him who he is every time they see him. Michael has been diagnosed as vegetative since his car accident. RHN staff tries to determine his level of awareness.

Feeling Pain? (01:35)

Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability staff measures Alex De Martelly for splints to limit his discomfort and stretch his arms.

Unaware of the World and Self (03:20)

Michael Taylor's assessments confirm that he is in a vegetative state and feels no pain. Addenbrooke's Hospital offers a program that looks for hidden awareness through brain scans.

Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (04:16)

Prof. Adrian Owen specializes in searching for consciousness in patients on the edge of awareness. Michael Taylor undergoes an fMRI.

Scott Routley, 39 (02:04)

For a decade, every medical test has concluded that Routley is vegetative; his parents believe otherwise. Anne Routley describes her son's car accident.

Scott's FMRI (03:41)

Over the last 10 years, Dr. Bryan Young has never seen any responsiveness in Scott Routley. Prof. Adrian Owen scans Scott's brain for responsiveness.

Steven Graham, 25 (03:09)

John Graham describes his son's personality. He and Ann Graham explain why they brought Steven to Prof. Adrian Owen for testing.

Steven's FMRI (03:19)

Steven Graham's brain activity matches the commands Prof. Adrian Owen gives him. Owen believes Graham has a level of awareness.

Stewart Newman, 30 (03:28)

A car accident left Newman unable to communicate. Lynne Newman describes Stewart's initial diagnosis and his prognosis after seeing Prof. Adrian Owen. Stewart describes his struggle to communicate.

Michael Taylor's 2nd FMRI (02:53)

Prof. Adrian Owen and his team cannot detect any levels of awareness. Approximately 20% of patients can generate patterns of brain activity.

Steven Graham's 2nd FMRI (03:56)

Alex De Martelly is too ill to undergo an fMRI. Steven Graham's results suggest that he is aware of himself and those around him.

Scott Routley's 2nd FMRI (02:38)

Prof. Adrian Owen and his team determine that Scott has a level of consciousness. Scott's parents reflect on Scott's wishes about his quality of life.

Most Significant Question (05:04)

During his second fMRI, Scott Routley communicates that he does not feel pain. Prof. Adrian Owen explains the test results.

Vital Results (01:55)

The goal of fMRI technology is to make difficult lives a little better. Scott Routley is physically vegetative, but shows cognitive responses. Dr. Bryan Young believes the scans are important for proper diagnosis.

Challenging Scan (03:49)

Alex De Martelly undergoes an fMRI. Sally De Martelly and Jess Slatter have many questions. Dr. Finoia discusses the initial findings.

Patient Updates (04:07)

Michael Taylor remains at the hospital; his family continues its routine. Stewart Newman leaves the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability. Alex De Martelly's fMRI scans reveal he is conscious some of the time.

Credits: The Mind Reader: Unlocking My Voice (00:33)

Credits: The Mind Reader: Unlocking My Voice

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In a world exclusive, Panorama follows a group of severely brain injured patients and reveals the revolutionary efforts made to help them communicate with their families and the outside world. They witness the moment when a patient regarded as vegetative for more than a decade is able to answer a series of questions whilst inside a brain scanner. The findings have profound implications for the patients and their families, as well as ethical consequences for scientists and medical staff. A BBC Production. (60 minutes)

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