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What Did Darwin Actually Do? (05:17)


Charles Darwin noticed unique animal adaptations on the Galapagos Islands in 1835. He published his theory on natural selection 20 years later, providing a mechanism for evolutionary theories.

Are We All Mutants? (04:25)

In the 1850s, Gregor Mendel discovered how genetic traits were inherited. In the 20th century, we discovered molecular mutation. Mutations are random and lead to diversification.

How am I Related to a Mouse? (03:20)

Approximately 85% of the "recipe" for Homo sapiens is the same as a mouse; all organisms share certain genetic sequences. Experts discuss "The Evolutionary Cookbook" and L.U.C.A.

Which Came First? The Dinosaur or the Egg? (03:36)

Embryos possess all the biological know-how of species development. Experts discuss genetic waste; recessive genes; and atavisms.

War...What is it Good For? (04:17)

The Earth houses an arms race between predator and prey. Experts use the Pit Viper and possum to explain co-evolution. Co-evolution can lead to mutualism.

Am I Hot or Not? (03:12)

Some species measure attractiveness intra-sexually; others compete inter-sexually. The Micronecta Scholtzi has the loudest mating call on Earth. Experts discuss asexual reproduction.

What Has Geography Got to do With Evolution? (04:31)

Geography can interrupt gene flow and contribute to speciation or unite species in convergent evolution. Currently, there are approximately 8.7 million known species.

Is Life a Marathon or a Sprint? (04:37)

Darwin believed gradualism dictates evolution. Experts discuss the sudden diversification during the Cambrian Explosion and punctuated equilibrium.

Why do Species go Extinct? (03:19)

Approximately 99% of all species that have ever lived are extinct. Man and invasive species contribute to extinction but evolution is the biggest factor. Extinction is a fundamental part of the evolutionary process.

Can We Create Life? (04:35)

In 2011, scientists announced a plan to resurrect the wooly mammoth. Experts discuss the challenge of DNA quality. In 2010, scientists produced the first synthetic life form.

Evolutionary Review (01:37)

Life diversified and adapted to every corner of Earth from L.U.C.A. Since Charles Darwin's book, there has been no evidence to disprove evolution.

Credits: Things You Need to Know…About Evolution: James May's Things You Need to Know (Series 2) (00:34)

Credits: Things You Need to Know…About Evolution: James May's Things You Need to Know (Series 2)

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Would you consider cabbage as the leafy long-lost relative? James May does, thanks to the genius of Charles Darwin. But exactly how does Darwin's famous theory of natural selection explain why we are all mutants and what war is actually good for? James treks off into the wilderness with the natural advantage of fantastic motion graphics and vivid animation to show us how. (45 minutes)

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