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Dissolving Catholic Britain (06:15)


In 1539, Henry VIII defied papal power by executing the Abbot of Glastonbury for treason, sending a message to potential rebels. He then took over the monastery system, absorbing Church wealth.

Inventing the Printing Press (03:38)

Learn how William Caxton's new technology facilitated the Protestant revolution by spreading knowledge and ideas. King Henry's first English Bible was a political statement against Catholic Europe.

British Arms Manufacturing (04:12)

1543, England prepared for war with Europe. Learn how weapons makers developed a failsafe iron cannon, helping to secure Britain’s borders.

Golden Hind Heist (05:50)

Britain's rival was becoming a superpower from New World wealth. View a dramatization of Sir Francis Drake raiding a Spanish ship in the Pacific, paying off Elizabeth's foreign debt and financing the Royal Navy.

Colonizing the New World (05:03)

In 1611, Shakespeare premiered "The Tempest" for King James—based on John Rolfe's shipwreck in Jamestown. Colonial wealth built an empire that spread English language and culture globally.

Opposition to Charles I (05:34)

In 1634, William Prynne was punished for condemning the theater as immoral. He and John Lilburne distributed pamphlets against the King and Church, aided by the Puritan Movement and Britain's high literacy rate.

English Civil War (04:08)

Learn Oliver Cromwell's role in the Parliamentary opposition movement, resulting in King Charles' banishment from London in 1642.

Battle of Edgehill (04:32)

View a dramatization of the 1642 confrontation between King Charles' army and Parliamentary militias that decided Britain's future. Cromwell developed the New Model Army to win the civil war.

Britain's Constitutional Monarchy (02:51)

After surrendering, King Charles was found guilty of treason by Parliament and executed—an act that would eventually result in democracy for Britain.

Credits: Revolution: The British—An Epic Adventure Through the Ages (00:41)

Credits: Revolution: The British—An Epic Adventure Through the Ages

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Today, much of the planet's population lives in a British-shaped world. How did this clutch of islands off the coast of Europe come to dominate the globe? The British presents the history of the British Isles from Stonehenge to World War Two using gripping drama reconstruction, the latest CG, time-lapse and aerial footage. Revolution covers Henry VIII’s appropriation of the Catholic Church, empire expansion from New World wealth, the printing press, Shakespeare, the Puritan Movement, and the English Civil War. (44 minutes)

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