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Norman Conquest (02:12)


In 1066, William of Normandy was crowned after victory at the Battle of Hastings—but it would take years to overcome Anglo-Saxon resistance.

Harrying of the North (02:59)

Anglo-Saxon residents of a Yorkshire market town resisted Norman rule. A raid dramatization represents William I's suppression campaign that killed 100,000 people.

Norman Infrastructure (02:50)

William I's repression resulted in a legacy of Anglo-Saxon hatred. Learn about a network of castle forts constructed to control the countryside.

Doomsday Book (03:24)

Conquering lords took over Anglo-Saxon estates. In 1085 AD, William I commissioned a land census offering a detailed picture of 11th century England.

Medieval English Society (01:15)

The Doomsday Book reveals Norman wealth and an exploitative feudal system that deprived peasants of legal rights.

Norman Cathedrals (01:17)

Medieval English wealth funded monumental architecture that legitimized rule by divine right.

Norman Crusaders (02:49)

In 1096, English warriors fought in the Holy Land for faith and riches—funded by peasant labor and high levies.

Robin Hood Legend (04:58)

In 1315, crop devastation caused two years of famine and forced peasants to poach in royal forests—inspiring social justice heroism.

Bubonic Plague (06:32)

In 1348, the Black Death reached Britain. Learn symptoms of the epidemic that devastated the population and hear an account of a surviving Irish monk.

Post-Plague Middle Class (02:35)

A mass grave discovered in London demonstrates medieval beliefs in salvation. Plague survivors took over vacant lands and built two story homes from farming profits.

Peasant's Revolt (06:25)

A labor shortage from the Plague brought prosperity to tradesmen but threatened nobility. In 1381, Essex residents refused a new tax—sparking a national uprising that eventually abolished serfdom.

Battle of Agincourt (03:48)

In 1415, Henry V brought 7,000 contracted British archers to France. Learn how superior weaponry gained them victory and signaled the common man's entry into English history.

New British Freedom (01:33)

After the Battle of Agincourt, English society was no longer divided between lords and serfs. Free men embraced economic opportunity and independent thought.

Credits: People Power: The British—An Epic Adventure Through the Ages (00:42)

Credits: People Power: The British—An Epic Adventure Through the Ages

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Today, much of the planet's population lives in a British-shaped world. How did this clutch of islands off the coast of Europe come to dominate the globe? The British presents the history of the British Isles from Stonehenge to World War Two using gripping drama reconstruction, the latest CG, time-lapse and aerial footage. People Power covers the Norman Conquest, feudal system, Crusades, Black Plague, Peasant’s Revolt, and the Battle of Agincourt. (44 minutes)

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