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Aging Process (02:56)


Johnny Ball considers the possibility of slowing the aging process and discusses the ongoing study of aging.

Elixir of Youth? (02:22)

Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw wrote a book on life extension techniques; they consume over 35 chemical substances daily.

Attitudes Toward Aging (02:50)

Life expectancy significantly increased during the post-war era. Longer life brings aging difficulties. Prof. Alex Comfort discusses the human and social importance of age studies.

Finding the Time Keeper (03:58)

Scientists try to determine which components in our developmental program control aging. The American Institute of Aging embarked on a decades-long study of aging; see Mr. Young undergo testing.

Okinawa Miracle (03:55)

Learn the Oxidative Stress Theory of Aging. Doctors Bradley and Craig Willcox discuss their study of aging and diet in Okinawa, Japan. Okinawans have the lowest rates of breast and prostate cancer.

Debunking the Oxidative Stress Theory of Aging? (02:37)

Scientists at the University of Texas investigate oxidative damage in naked mole rats. Johnny Ball suggests that food quantity slows aging.

Calories and Aging (02:14)

A scientist discusses using a restrictive diet on mice to slow the aging process. Dr. Walford discusses his technique for extending maximum life span.

16 Years of 1,600 Calories a Day (02:26)

Michael Mosley and Dave undergo studies to determine which man is biologically younger.

Sirtuin Genes (03:17)

Prof. David Sinclair explains his research on yeast to understand how calorie restriction slows the aging process. Resveratrol slows the aging process without a restrictive diet.

Heredity and Aging (03:04)

Prof. Nir Barzilai studied a Jewish community to learn how their DNA contributed to long life spans. He discusses three genes linked to longevity.

Potential Route to Longer Life (02:47)

Most Progeria patients will die of old age while still in their teens. Scientific research indicates that short telomeres are the reason for Progeria.

Halting Cellular Aging (03:05)

Experts discuss experimenting with skin cells and Telomerase. The cells continue to divide without their telomeres getting shorter; immortal cells could lead to cancer.

Regeneration? (04:18)

Ivan Popov established a clinic in the Bahamas for cellular regeneration. At a Swiss rejuvenation clinic, experts dissect unborn lambs to provide thyroid cells to patients. (Brief nudity)

Organ Building (02:47)

Experts discuss stem cell research to create new organs. Dr. Doris Taylor reveals a lab created mouse heart.

Stress and Aging (04:08)

In 2011, Dr. Doris Taylor and her team grew a human heart. Dr. Wareham, a 92-year-old surgeon, supervises an operation. Research of Loma Linda, California citizens reveals a link between faith and aging.

Power of the Mind (03:37)

Dr. Langer discusses her experiment with a group of volunteers over the age of 75 required to live like they did 20 years earlier.

Credits: Immortal? A Horizon Guide to Aging (00:53)

Credits: Immortal? A Horizon Guide to Aging

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Is there any way to slow or even prevent the ravages of time? Veteran presenter Johnny Ball looks back over the 45 years that Horizon--and he--have been on air to find out what science has learned about how and why we grow old. Charting developments from macabre early claims of rejuvenation to the latest cutting-edge breakthroughs, Johnny discovers the sense of a personal mission that drives many scientists and asks whether we are really any closer to achieving the dream of immortality. A BBC Production. (52 minutes)

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