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Skilled Trade: Welding (04:11)


Welding is the most common way of permanently joining metal parts. Welders tend to work alone, and they take pride in their work.

Welding: Education and Training (01:52)

Training ranges from a few weeks of school with on-the-job training to several years of school combined with on-the-job training. Vocational programs offer expert training and experience.

Welding: Career and Job Opportunities (05:57)

Industries such as ship building, automobile manufacturing, and aerospace rely on welders. Job prospects and pay for welders are excellent because there are more jobs available than welders.

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Part of the Series : Vo/Tech Ins and Outs
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Welding is a fifteen-minute video which is part of the series, Vo/Tech: Ins and Outs.

This fast-paced, entertaining, and intriguing series introduces several occupations in the vast career pathway of vocational and technical trades. Viewers are taken on a journey through many different facets of vocational interest areas including welding, masonry, electrical, residential construction, and HVAC. Each fifteen-minute program focuses on one of these particular trades and includes interviews with students preparing for each career and working professionals on the job. The programs carefully define how the participant began in the field, what the vocation means to them, educational requirements, immediate job opportunities, and how they envision the future of each particular occupation. The series serves as an introduction to the vast opportunities in vocational interest areas and the need for qualified workers in these lucrative occupations. Important contact information is also provided for students interested in finding out more about vocational training programs. These programs will serve as a valuable resource to excite and motivate prospective students to consider a career in these high-demand and financially rewarding occupations. One 15-minute video. A Shopware Production.

Length: 16 minutes

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ISBN: 978-1-4213-0743-5

Copyright date: ©2001

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