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Advertisers need to understand the psychology behind consumer motivations. Consumer groups include up and comers, aspiring achievers, family centered, new traditionalists, individualists, and maintainers.

Emotional Approaches (02:42)

Graphic designers use two basic types of appeals in advertising. A combination of rational and emotional appeals is referred to as creative aerobics.

Message Approaches (01:38)

Common methods used by graphic designers include demonstration, comparison, problem solution, slice of life, and using a spokesperson.

Media Psychology: Traditional Methods (04:01)

Direct mail, yellow pages, outdoor advertising, newspaper advertising, specialist interest magazines, and tourist guidebooks all provide different benefits to advertisers.

Media Psychology: High Tech (02:54)

Television, Internet, permission email, and social media advertising provide businesses with access to a large audience.

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The Psychology Behind Today’s Advertising

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Today, consumers are continuously exposed to advertising. It is imperative that advertisers understand the psychology behind buying motives. This program covers the psychological dispositions of different consumer groups and the rationale behind common creative appeals. 

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