Segments in this Video

Replace the Fuel Filter (02:54)


Learn how to remove and install a fuel filter. A lack of vehicle power is a symptom of a clogged fuel filter.

Accessory Belt Drive Systems (04:08)

Learn the purpose of the drive belt, tensioner, and pulleys. New, used, and worn belts are compared. A gauge is used to check belt tensions.

Back Pressure Test (02:37)

Learn how to check the integrity of an exhaust system, including the catalytic converter, using a vacuum gauge or a back pressure gauge.

Remove and Replace Sealed Wheel Bearing Assembly (05:01)

Learn how to remove and replace a sealed wheel bearing assembly. Refer to the service manual for specifications.

Remove and Replace Air Conditioning Compressor (03:18)

Use safety precautions when working with A/C systems. Learn how to remove the compressor after recovering Freon®. Use the service manual to find the appropriate quantity and type of oil to put in compressor.

Starter Draw Test (01:18)

Learn how to use a volt amp tester to perform a starter draw test.

Differential Service (03:14)

Over time, the additive properties of differential lubrication wear out. Learn how to remove the differential cover, perform an inspection, clean surfaces, replace the cover and refill fluid.

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Essential Automotive Tasks, Volume 2

Part of the Series : Essential Automotive Tasks: Volumes 1-3
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Volume 2 of this 3-part series on the most common tasks an automotive professional will experience on the job includes step-by-step segments on performing: fuel filter replacement, accessory drive belt inspection, back pressure test, removal and replacement of sealed wheel bearing assembly, removal and replacement of air conditioning compressor, starter draw test, and differential service. Segments include theory behind the parts and systems being repaired. Correlates to ASE and NATEF standards. A Shopware Production. Part of the series Essential Automotive Tasks: Volumes 1-3. (23 minutes)

Length: 23 minutes

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ISBN: 978-0-81609-011-2

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