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Perspectives on Effective Schooling (01:58)


One expert defines effective schooling as the maximization of children's learning. Parents at one school comment on the elements of effective schooling that they've seen in action.

Involving Parents & Students (00:60)

Experts recommend sourcing feedback from students and parents to develop effective schooling strategies.

Facilitating Parent Focus Groups (01:56)

Watch as parents participate in a focus group to identify the values they wish to foster in their children and the school community at large.

Developing Student Leaders (00:47)

Peer mediators can help resolve conflicts while simultaneously developing their own problem-solving and negotiating skills.

Managing Bullying (04:21)

Bullying simulations allow students to better understand what bullying looks and feels like. Teachers should be educated on how to listen and respond to instances of bullying.

Managing Difficult Children (00:44)

Experts recommend strategizing for "difficult children" by asking teachers to communicate with one another and form a common approach.

Continually Improving Performance (01:30)

Administrators can work to consistently set goals and strategize with the staff to ensure perpetual improvement.

Teaching with Goals & Purpose (01:25)

Teachers should encourage student achievement in terms of the student's individual capacity and potential. Teachers and students must understand what they're doing and why they're doing it.

Creating a Stimulating Learning Environment (00:34)

Children who are excited about their learning tend to be more focused. There's value in a fun learning environment for both students and staff.

Credits: Effective Schools (00:18)

Credits: Effective Schools

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Effective Schools

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Educating children is easier when students are happy and motivated to learn. This video will show how to implement practical strategies like parental and student involvement in strategic planning, facilitating parental focus groups, developing student leadership, mediation programs, and developing strategies to eliminate bullying in order to bring everyone into the process. Educators will be able to focus on continuous improvements and teach with purpose. Produced in Australia. (15 minutes)

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