Segments in this Video

Case 1: Jonah & Luca (04:33)


Two students are kicking a soccer ball and won't let Jonah play. Jonah and Luca meet with student mediators who explain the mediation process; they reach an agreement in which Jonah is allowed to play.

Case 2: Amy & Mia (03:40)

Mia is crying, accusing Amy of being mean to her. Amy disputes this claim. Student mediators explain the process; students resolve their problem.

Training: Steps for Mediation (00:60)

Make mediation participants feel comfortable. Go over the rules. Listen actively. Make sure you understand the problem. Create a solution.

Mediation Role Play (01:48)

Students role play a mediation session as part of their training as student mediators.

Mediation Questions and Answers (01:28)

Students ask questions about what to do when there are difficulties in the mediation process. Mediation only works when both students want it. Do not involve students; pick those most involved in the problem.

Peer Mediation Success (01:53)

Mediators receive supplies they need, and a vast so other students can identify them. Students and teachers talk about the effectiveness of the mediation program.

Credits: Peer Mediation (00:16)

Credits: Peer Mediation

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Peer Mediation

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Preventing bullying in school is a top priority for all educators, since the effects felt by the bullied child can last for a lifetime. This video shows how improved communication, leadership, and problem solving can lead to a solution. Empower students to practice peer mediation with this five-step mediation strategy. A great tool foe use in teacher training and with students ages 8-13. Produced in Australia.

Length: 16 minutes

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