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What a Myocardial Infarction Is (01:23)


If violent chest pain lasts 20 minutes, it is a myocardial infarction or "heart attack." A vessel is occluded, preventing blood from flowing to the myoacardial muscle. Doctors must quickly reopen the vessel.

Heart Attack Demographics (01:21)

The peak age for myocardial infraction is 65. Rates vary greatly by country. Crete used to have low rates, which some credited to the Crete diet.

Experiences of Heart Attacks (02:22)

People talk about their experiences of heart attacks. Sometimes instead of chest pain, a heart attack brings pain to the arm or neck.

If You Are Having a Heart Attack... (01:22)

Time is of the essence; call an ambulance. Try to stay calm. Chew a 300-500 mg Aspirin.

Angioplasty (02:26)

Angioplasty is the treatment for myocardial infraction. Doctors inflate a blood vessel that has become too narrow. A doctor talks about advances in the procedure.

Angioplasty Patients (02:43)

Patients talk about the results of their angioplasties. A doctor talks about a drug infused into the veins. In a few cases, hearts do not return to normal following treatment.

Transplants (01:29)

After several heart attacks, a heart transplant can become necessary. Sometimes, doctors implant a pacemaker or an artificial heart until a transplant becomes available.

Treatment and Prevention (02:45)

Screening tests to detect cardiovascular disease are crucial. Collaboration with preventive care doctors and those involved in imaging is important. An expert talks about technological application.

Imaging Inside Arteries (01:04)

A researcher studies imaging of coronary disease from inside the arteries. Optical coherence tomography uses light to image with wall structure.

Lifestyle (02:04)

Healthy lifestyle is crucial to preventing heart attacks.

Risk Factors (01:24)

A man talks about taking care of himself but getting a heart attack anyway. He blames stress and heredity. He has a defillibrator detecting when his heart beets more than 52 beets per minute.

Social Support for Patients (01:34)

Family and friends must stay calm and support a heart attack patient. Help the patient engage in mild exercise, to avoid lipids, and to take medication.

Credits: Myocardial Infraction: Disease and...Ease (02:08)

Credits: Myocardial Infraction: Disease and...Ease

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Striking without warning, myocardial infarctions—also known as heart attacks—kill millions globally every year. They require emergency medical care and yet, despite their severity, they can often be prevented if a few basic personal and medical safeguards are adopted. This program looks at the causes, symptoms, impact, and treatment of myocardial infarction with help from experts, case studies, and compelling visuals. Viewers learn about the factors that lead to heart attacks and the behavioral steps, such as better diet and exercise, that can reduce heart disease and avert heart failure. The importance of preventive screening tests is also discussed. Expert commentators include Dr. Eugene McFadden of Cork University Hospital, Ireland; Dr. Francesco Prati of San Giovanni Hospital, Italy; and Dr. Gijs van Soest of the Erasmus Medical Center, Rotterdam. Helpful 3D graphics reinforce core concepts. Contains surgical scenes of a graphic nature. (Portions with English subtitles, 25 minutes)

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