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Defining Coronary Artery Disease (01:20)


An expert explains how heart blood vessel blockages can lead to a myocardial infarction—the leading cause of death worldwide.

Coronary Artery Disease Symptoms (02:09)

Learn symptoms associated with chronic CAD, known as angina, and acute CAD.

Diagnosing CAD (01:30)

Learn how exercise stress tests and coronary angiograms are conducted.

CAD Medical Treatment (02:35)

Medications used to treat coronary artery disease include aspirin, beta blockers, cholesterol lowering drugs, and ace inhibitors.

CAD Treatment: Angioplasty (02:44)

Learn how angioplasties expand coronary artery walls with stent implantation; an expert discusses advantages and disadvantages of the procedure.

CAD Treatment: Bypass (02:11)

Learn how veins from the leg or the chest are used to circumvent a coronary blockage; an expert describes patients suitable for the surgical procedure.

Bypass vs. Angioplasty (01:50)

Learn which coronary artery disease patients are better suited to surgery than to stent implantation.

CAD Risk Factors (01:22)

Genetic predisposition, elevated LDL cholesterol, obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and smoking contribute to the development of coronary artery disease.

CAD Prevention (02:15)

Lifestyle changes decreasing the risk of coronary artery disease include a low saturated fat diet, exercise and obesity prevention, early high cholesterol detection, and avoiding tobacco.

Living with CAD (01:17)

Family members can offer coronary artery disease patients support in treatment and lifestyle changes.

CAD Outlook (01:52)

Coronary artery disease death rates are decreasing due to effective prevention and treatment programs. Controlling global obesity and diabetes epidemics will be crucial for continued progress.

Credits: Coronary Artery Disease: Disease and…Ease (03:08)

Credits: Coronary Artery Disease: Disease and…Ease

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Coronary Artery Disease: Disease and…Ease

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In the words of one noted physician, blockages in the main blood vessels of the heart create a problem that is “relatively simple and very complex.” This program reflects that dual perspective, aiming to simplify the discussion while embracing the complexity of coronary artery disease. Viewers learn about the ailment’s causes, development, dangers, and treatment through helpful case studies and expert interviews. Dynamic 3D graphics show how plaque builds up in arteries, how this eventually obstructs blood flow, and how angioplasty, or the insertion of a tiny balloon and stents, can relieve the constriction. Patients who are coping with coronary artery disease share the challenges they face in their everyday lives, while astute commentary is provided by Dr. George A. Beller of the University of Virginia, Dr. Emmanouil Brilakis of the University of Texas, and other respected medical professionals. Contains surgical scenes of a graphic nature. (Portions with English subtitles, 25 minutes)

Length: 25 minutes

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