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Introduction: Breast Cancer (01:44)


Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women worldwide. Learn the symptoms, prevalence and rising risk of breast cancer in women.

Systemic Disease (01:02)

Genetic markers affect how a cancer responds to treatment. Biomedical research specialist Stéphane Zervoudes notes that it is a systemic disease that becomes localized in the breast.

Different Types of Breast Cancer (01:38)

Prof. Gordon Wishart's study found there are at least ten different types of breast cancer. Dr. Zervoudes differentiates lobular, ductal carcinoma in situ, and invasive breast cancers.

Breast Cancer Detection (02:44)

Oncologist Dr. Kostas Syrigos explains the rise of breast cancer in developed countries. We learn about breast palpation and different tests used to detect breast cancer.

Breast Examinations (01:07)

Dr. Zervoudes discusses mammography and MRI use in detecting breast cancer. Women should frequently examine and palpate their breasts as shown.

Cancer Stages and Treatments (01:57)

Dr. Zervoudes notes the percentages for survival of different stages of breast cancer. A patient talks about radiation and hormone treatments. Dr. Syrigos cites antineoplastic treatments.

Surgery (02:01)

A breast cancer patient may undergo a mastectomy or lumpectomy, depending upon the type and size of the tumor, to be followed by radiation treatments.

Breast Reconstruction (01:12)

Immediate breast reconstruction has become more popular, allowing the plastic surgeon to work with the surgeon. Tissue from the patient's abdomen may be moved to form the breast.

Radiation Therapy (01:21)

Technological developments have improved radiation therapy used mainly after surgery to kill any remaining cancer cells. Targeted radiation at the tumor site is replacing whole breast radiation.

Chemotherapy (01:34)

Options for systemic treatment are immunotherapy, hormonal therapy and chemotherapy that can be given intravenously and in pills. While effective, it is toxic to healthy cells.

Psychological Support (01:38)

A psychotherapist notes that chemotherapy is a difficult procedure for the patient due to its toxic side effects and loss of hair. Psychological help is important for the breast cancer patient.

Social Support (01:28)

Breast surgery is like an amputation for a woman and she needs to express her anxiety and grief. Support of family and friends is most important.

Winning the Fight Against Breast Cancer (02:51)

Prevention by healthy living, early detection and advancements in technology and medication contribute to the decrease in the mortality rate of breast cancer.

Credits: Breast Cancer: Disease and…Ease (02:25)

Credits: Breast Cancer: Disease and…Ease

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Breast Cancer: Disease and…Ease

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According to the World Health Organization, breast cancer is the most common cancer among women worldwide, and the American Cancer Society estimates that the lifetime risk of breast cancer will rise to one in seven women by the year 2024. This program shows how breast cancer develops, how can it be detected and diagnosed, and how it is typically treated. Sophisticated 3D graphics show the way breast tumors form and grow, as well as how they ideally respond to radiation therapy. Viewers learn how breast examinations are performed and how a real-world lumpectomy surgery is conducted. Guest experts include Professor Gordon Wishart of Cambridge University Hospitals, Great Britain; Professor Kostas Syrigos of the Yale School of Medicine; and noted French biomedical research specialist Stéphane Zervoudes. A helpful case study is featured in addition to a discussion of the psychological aspects of breast cancer treatment. Contains surgical scenes of a graphic nature. (Portions with English subtitles, 25 minutes)

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