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Introduction: Zanzibar: Islands and Life (01:27)


The islands of the world are part of the changing global community; this series will explore the lives of islanders--who can no longer separate their futures from the future of humanity.

Aftermath of Unrest (03:20)

Pemba and Unguja dominate the archipelago of Zanzibar. Zanzibar is home to 1 million Swahili and Islam is the dominate religion. Various occupations over the years leave their mark on the islands and the people. (Graphic images)

Grandmother of Zanzibar (05:03)

Zanzibar City is home to 200,000 people and is a contrast of modernity and traditionalism. Bi Kidude, more than 100 years old, embodies the city's past and present. She discusses her evolved international singing career. See her perform.

Initiation into Womanhood (02:32)

Zanzibar women do not have the same rights as men. Bi Kidude leads a group of women in a women's only rite of passage. Bi worries that this traditional ritual will end with her death.

January 12th, Stone Town (04:03)

Thousands gather to celebrate the victory of the National Revolutionary Government. In 1698, the Sultanate of Oman declares Zanzibar an Arab state and Zanzibar becomes the hub of African slave trade.

Revolution in Zanzibar (00:58)

On January 12, 1964, Zanzibar's African population rises against the Arabic government. Approximately 17,000 Arabs and other ethnic minorities are murdered. See archival footage. (Graphic images)

After the Zanzibar Revolution (04:13)

A man recalls the difficulty of being an Arab. In 2010, the fighting ends and peaceful elections occur. Farmers on Pemba struggle to recover after the loss of many clove trees; cloves are nearly half of Zanzibar's GDP.

Black Market Cloves (01:44)

The Zanzibar State Trading Corporation pays clover farmers half of the market price. Some farmers smuggle cloves to Kenya. The new government offers hope for Pemba residents.

Islanders Hope for Change (03:01)

Half of Zanzibar islanders live below the poverty line and approximately 40% are illiterate. Islamic schools offer education for boys and girls. Tourism brings half a million visitors to Zanzibar every year and provides residents with new opportunities.

Tourist Dollars for Local Economy (04:09)

Inland, a Zanzibar resident offers tourists the chance to view red colobus monkeys. He believes spiritual caves could be the key to attracting visitors. Despite small tourist numbers, the islander's business funnels money back into the local economy.

Watumbatu People (04:55)

Outsiders are not welcome on Tumbatu. Despite a tough existence, culture and history unite the residents of Tumbatu; Islam is the center of life. A Tumbatu village chief explains why he does not like tourism.

Healthcare Barriers (03:57)

Tumbatu is one of the poorest regions in Zanzibar. The local hospital provides limited treatment options; many patients seek witchdoctors. Approximately one third of Zanzibaris have no access to clean water and sanitation is poor.

Makunduchi Hospital (02:53)

A new clinic for mothers and babies is saving lives. The hospital manager discusses healthcare challenges and the need for modern medical support. A new initiative provides transport for pregnant women.

Winning Over a Community (04:08)

Makunduchi Hospital staff work with birth attendants to provide safe medical care. The hospital manager works to gain village leader support. Women football players and female building crews are part of a generation fighting for women's rights.

Kidoti Women (05:24)

Women in a seaside village cultivate, harvest, and dry seaweed. Fatuma believes education is the way to build a better future. The women's cooperative generates one fifth of Zanzibar's export earnings.

Credits: Zanzibar: Islands and Life (00:34)

Credits: Zanzibar: Islands and Life

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A group of coral atolls and small islands just south of the equator, off the coast of East Africa is known as the archipelago of Zanzibar. This film takes viewers to Stone Town, with its architectural features like the Old Fort and the House of Wonders. Explore the center of the Swahili arts scene. Part of the series Islands and Life. (52 minutes)

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