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Civilian Space Travel (02:04)


Learn about the Roton rocket; designed to travel within the Earth's orbit.

Flying Car (01:07)

The German Association for Technical Inspection has recently approved a flying car with removable wings.

The Car of the Future (02:01)

The basic concept of the car will stay the same, and they will be much more high tech. A prototype self-steering car is already being tested.

The Prometheus Project (02:32)

Learn the components and programming of the self-steering Prometheus car. See testing of smart cars.

Features of the Future Car (02:00)

Video from an integrated thermo graphic camera is projected onto the windshield to help drivers see better at night. Traffic navigation systems are tested in Tokyo.

Holiday in Space (02:05)

See the Roton, a craft in which civilians may someday take flight, orbiting Eart at the speed of a rocket. A space hotel is also in development.

Hypersound Flight (01:32)

Germany's futuristic passenger jet, Sanger, will be a rocket and airplane mix and will travel 7 times the speed of sound.

Steering with Thought (01:46)

Pilots at Wright-Patterson air force base in Dayton, Ohio learn how to fly an aircraft with their minds. Weeks of training are necessary in order to be able to transmit a thought to the computer.

A3XX Super Jumbo Jet (01:05)

New wing designs for jets resemble those of a bird, making new jets more economical and safer. Adjustable wing profiles "guarantee ideal flight conditions," irrespective of other variables.

Modern Camping Vehicles (01:42)

Innovative RV designs focus on increased comfort. Convertible furniture modules offer state of the art gadgetry enabling multiple functions in one space.

Roton Travel Conditions (01:56)

Space sickness is common among astronauts in the first 24 hours of flight; this could deter travelers from spending a day or two in space.

Testing New Car Designs (02:14)

Test cars cover thousands of kilometers in just a few days. Visit the most advanced climatic garage in the world, where German engineers test cars in polar conditions.

Environmental Solutions (01:38)

Electric and Hydrogen cars are eco-friendly alternatives. Developers work on how to reduce the use of passenger cars.

Roton prototype (01:06)

In five to six years, developers hope to be selling tickets for Roton space vacations.

Credits: The Future of Traffic: The Future of... (Series 1) (00:21)

Credits: The Future of Traffic: The Future of... (Series 1)

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Technology has definitely made travel easier: a transatlantic trip used to be a weeks-long sea voyage but today takes only hours. This film explores the possibilities that exist for travel in the future. From cars that steer themselves, and flights from London to New York that take only two hours, civilian space travel—travel in the future will mean less stress and more fun. Part of the series The Future Of… (Series 1). (25 minutes)

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