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Surrogacy (02:14)


Meet a mother who carried seven surrogate babies.

Artificial Insemination Process (01:29)

Learn about the artificial insemination process and the types of people apply to participate in surrogacy programs.

The Science of Attraction (02:35)

People are unconsciously attracted to others who look similar to them. A computer program compares and identifies matches.

The Perfect Baby (02:44)

Scientists hope to identify and avoid hereditary disease prior to implantation. Scientists work on advanced freezing procedures in order to freeze ova.

Postnatal Depression (02:35)

1% of all mothers are affected by this serious depression. A reaction to hormones, this can make a mother lose her desire to care for her child.

The MEST Gene (01:58)

In England, a gene has been discovered that is supposedly responsible for maternal behavior. Scientists are working on a drug that could help women handle postnatal depression.

Swimming Babies (01:28)

Babies have an automatic reflex to close their eyes, hold their breath, and swim for the surface until they are 6 months old.

Benefits of Swimming Babies (01:48)

The Sports College in Cologne Germany has established that infants who swim are more courageous and independent than others of the same age.

Male Pregnancy (01:55)

It is scientifically possible for men to carry babies if they have an artificial uterus, take hormones, and deliver via caesarean section.

Artificial Womb (04:00)

Premature babies are a very high-risk group despite state of the art technology. Physicians in Tokyo Japan are developing an artificial uterus to help premature babies grow.

Technology vs. Nature (01:04)

A surrogate mother gives her opinions about surrogacy and reproductive lab work.

Credits: The Future of Reproduction: The Future Of... (Series 1) (00:19)

Credits: The Future of Reproduction: The Future Of... (Series 1)

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The Future of Reproduction: The Future Of… (Series 1)

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Advances in fertility or reproductive science have already had an enormous impact on society. Test tube babies, IVF, and frozen embryos have made infertility less of an obstacle for some, but others worry where this technology can lead. This film explores the possibilities, including the creation of the dream child with the best traits of both parents. Genetic diseases and disorders can be a thing of the past, but can we be trusted to stop there? Part of the series The Future Of… (Series 1). (24 minutes)

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