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Central America's Youngest Volcano (01:43)


Wilfried Strauch monitors an entire volcanic chain in Nicaragua. In 1995, Cerro Negro erupted violently.

Cloud Seeding in Mexico (02:03)

Scientists use planes and special flares to manipulate clouds into creating rain.

Hail Flying in Germany (01:07)

Chemists and airplane squadrons use silver iodide to turn hail into rain.

Venice, Italy (02:05)

This famous lagoon city is in danger from frequent flooding.

Underwater Barriers in Venice (01:44)

Underwater barriers help protect Venice form flooding. When the tide rises, huge steel walls lift themselves out of the water to shut the lagoon mouths.

Nicaraguan Damage (01:23)

Volcanologist were able to predict the eruption early enough to evacuate. View the cracks in the earth and structures that were damaged from the tremors.

Types of Volcanic Activity (01:12)

Scientists use a laser cannon to measure the temperature of active volcanoes. See footage of dangerous glowing avalanches.

Fire Detection- Beetles (01:29)

Scientists use a jewel beetle to create a biological fire detector.

Fire Detection- Electronic Nose (02:16)

An electronic sensor recognizes combustion gasses in the forest.

Living with Natural Disasters (01:52)

The people around Cerro Negro have learned to live with the danger around them. Once the threat has passed, tourists rush to the volcano.

Life Suit for Ship Passengers (01:45)

A German man develops an insulation suit designed to save the lives of people stranded in freezing cold water.

Surviving Avalanches (02:08)

Most victims of avalanches suffocate when they are not rescued in time. The Swiss Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research tests the avalanche airbag.

Managua Seismograph (01:03)

Seismographs in Managua show activity indicative of an impending eruption Hours later, Telica erupts.

Credits: The Future of the Planet: The Future of... (Series 1) (00:20)

Credits: The Future of the Planet: The Future of... (Series 1)

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