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CyberLife (01:25)


"Creatures" a game for ages 9 to 90, simulates the conditions of real life including sadness and sexuality among the "Norns." (Brief nudity)

Future Home Environments (02:00)

A call from his cell phone activates climate, security, telephone, music and other home systems. Sensors may soon be able to detect our state of health--and take action--as demonstrated here. Japan's "Wonder Bowl" assesses feces and urine for signs of ill health.

The Future of Grocery Shopping (01:51)

Technology will change how we watch television, talk on the phone and shop for food and other items. See a smart refrigerator with Internet access and technology that allows viewers to shop for items they see on television programs--while they are still watching.

The Future of Money & Identity Theft (01:51)

Data transfer technology will change travel and the security of our personal information. Biometric technology includes a vein scanner that recognizes the structure of vein on the back of the hand.

The Future of Artificial Intelligence (02:40)

Learn how biometrics make computer games more realistic as programmable memory gathers and stores knowledge. The Royal Air Force used the "Norns" on flight simulators--testing their skills against human pilots.

The Future of Robots (02:55)

Robots are quickly developing greater abilities; see prototypes under development. Will robots develop emotion?

The Future of Music (02:21)

See how the Brain Opera, the sensor chair and the digital conducting baton are expanding the possibilities of how we make music.

The Future of Recreation (02:44)

A volley playing robot, hologram instructors, altitude training chambers, artificial surf and skydiving machines are just some of the ways those with time--and money--will be keeping fit.

The Future of Heroes (00:35)

Kyoko, a virtual 17-year-old "dream girl" is a celebrity in Japan.

The Future of Aging (01:21)

High tech scanners evaluate wrinkles to show potential customers how much younger they can look after using beauty products.

The Future of Depression (03:01)

See how TMS may one day treat depression, nightmares and "obsessional neuroses." Researchers say these therapies may eventually be used to improve overall brain function.

The Future of Air Travel? (01:19)

Experts speculate that the success of the "Norns" virtual pilot simulation may lead to unmanned jet flight.

Credits: The Future of Modern Living: The Future Of… (Series 1) (00:21)

Credits: The Future of Modern Living: The Future Of… (Series 1)

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The Future of Modern Living: The Future Of… (Series 1)

Part of the Series : The Future Of… (Series 1)
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The world we live in is becoming ever faster and more complex. This film explores how technology and digital data processing are providing us with luxury features that would have been unthinkable a few years ago. Millions of people all over the world now let a computer pick out the perfect partner for life, and virtual creatures are becoming more and more humanlike. Modern living is supposed to make our life easier than ever before, but does it really? Part of the series The Future Of… (Series 1). (25 minutes)

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