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Hand Transplant (05:02)


A doctor discusses replacing the head of a paraplegic person onto the body of a person who had full access to limbs. We see a man whose right had was replaced with another man's.

Electronic Arm (02:35)

A man demonstrates the complex movements of his fully electronic arm.

Prosthetic Leg (01:34)

New prostheses help their bearers to keep pace virtually anywhere. Meet track and field champion Dennis Oehler. Computer graphics illustrate how Oehler's prosthesis works.

Intelligent Prostheses (01:35)

The C-Leg microprocessor-controlled prosthetic knee from Otto Bock started a revolution for above-knee amputees. These high-tech prostheses will soon enable many patients to live a normal life again.

Head Transplant (02:48)

A paraplegic agrees to have his head transplanted. Medical science is on the verge of a cure for paraplegia. An inhibitor prevents nerve generation. Animal tests prove that antibodies to neutralize the inhibitor can give back mobility.

Bike-Riding Paraplegic (01:04)

A former gymnast and paraplegic for 16 years rides a bike she designed that gives her a different kind of mobility.

Robotic Waling Aids (02:51)

Robotic walking aids will assist the disabled to walk without the crutches and use of wheelchairs. With training, paraplegics can learn to move their legs again.

How the Blind Will See (05:49)

Russians have success with Alloplant, tissue made from cadavers that prevents tissue rejection. Cutaway diagrams of the eye, explanation, testimony from a patient, and observation of eye surgery show how vision could be restored.

Credits: The Future of Our Body: The Future Of… (Series 1) (00:13)

Credits: The Future of Our Body: The Future Of… (Series 1)

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The Future of Our Body: The Future Of… (Series 1)

Part of the Series : The Future Of… (Series 1)
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As scientific discoveries continue, will we one day produce a flawless human specimen? We already have breast implants from body tissue and facial surgery using organic materials to make us look younger or correct deficiencies resulting from diseases or accidents. Paraplegic patients learn how to walk assisted by a robot and prosthesis that react like a healthy arm are already available. The dream of human perfection may soon become a reality. Part of the series The Future Of… (Series 1). (24 minutes)

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