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Should We Erase Bad Memories?: A Debate

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In the 2004 science-fiction film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, one character undergoes a medical procedure to erase bad memories of her ex-boyfriend. What if such a procedure really existed? Advances in neurotechnology open the possibilities of influencing the brain’s neural activity to modify or eliminate memories that are unpleasant or disturbing. Supporters of such a hypothetical procedure argue that it could help block traumatic and painful memories that lead to anxiety, depression, and stress. By eliminating such memories, they contend, a person could recover more easily from emotional shocks and problems and lead a happier, healthier life. Opponents of such a hypothetical procedure argue that it interferes with an individual's natural mental processes. Tampering with memories is not only unethical, they contend, but could also endanger one's identity and sense of self and undermine the authenticity of lived experiences. Should we erase bad memories?

Length: 66 minutes

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