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Intro: Power Steering Systems: Service and Diagnosis (00:57)


Hosts Chase and John outline the topics for discussion in this program.

Power Steering Pump Overview (00:24)

Look inside the power steering pump to learn internal functions and operation. Vocabulary includes pulley, serpentine belt, power steering shaft, rotor assembly low and high pressure lines, pressure control valve.

Power Steering Pump Diagnosis (01:34)

Learn three tests to diagnose the power steering pump. Vocabulary includes pressure gauge, high pressure line and pressure valve.

Power Steering Fluid Service (01:57)

Use a suction gun or power steering flush machine to remove old fluid. Learn the most common failure in a power steering system, when to change the fluid and how to choose the right fluid for the vehicle.

Power Steering Pump Removal (02:16)

Follow the manufacturer’s instruction to remove the power steering pump after removing the fluid. Vocabulary includes tensioner, pulley, pump, pulley puller, collar, shaft and mounting bolts.

Power Steering Pump Install (01:09)

Reverse the procedure for removing the pump and be sure to flush the lines thoroughly.

Rack & Pinion Operation & Parts ID (00:54)

See the parts of a rack and pinion assembly and learn how it functions. Vocabulary includes rack, pinion, spool valves, piston, fluid pressure, driver assist and steering shaft.

Rack & Pinion Diagnosis (01:08)

Visually inspect tie rod, bellow boots, rack and frame mounting bolts. Diagnostic scenarios include: stiffness in steering (low fluid); vehicle pulls (alignment problem or spool valve issue) and steering wander (alignment problem or loos rack and pinion mounts).

Rack & Pinion Removal & Install (01:05)

Remove the fluid, tie rod, lines, steering shaft bolts and bolts from the rack to remove from vehicle. Transfer associated hardware. Reverse the procedure to reinstall.

Gearbox Operation & Parts ID (00:43)

Learn the operation and parts of the gearbox. Vocabulary includes: steering shaft worm gear, spool valves, ball nut, ball guides, sector shaft and Pitman arm.

Gearbox Diagnosis (00:54)

Visually inspect for external leaks, check frame mounting bolts. Vocabulary includes dial indicator, sector shaft, Pitman arm, center link, idle arm, tie rod.

Gearbox Removal (00:33)

Follow the manufacturer’s instruction to remove the gearbox after removing the fluid from the reservoir. Remove steering shaft, Pitman arm and then fram mounting bolts.

Gearbox Installation (00:31)

Reverse the procedure for removing the gearbox and use manufacturer's specifications for torque settings. Replace seals and make sure you use recommended fluid.

Review & Closing (00:44)

Hear a summary of the segments presented in this program and a reminder of the importance of properly maintaining power steering systems.

Credits: Power Steering Systems: Service and Diagnosis (00:22)

Credits: Power Steering Systems: Service and Diagnosis

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Power Steering Systems: Service and Diagnosis

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Combining theory with hands-on demonstrations, this program explains the operation of power steering systems, then provides step-by-step instructions on the inspection, diagnosis, and servicing of their various components. Diagnostic scenarios on power steering pumps, rack and pinions, and steering gearboxes are explored with the help of two ASE-certified instructors, who also take viewers through the removal and installation of these parts. In addition, a power steering engineer gives his expert advice on common power steering failures, how often to change steering fluid, and the best type of fluid to use. Correlates to ASE and NATEF standards. A viewable/printable instructor’s guide is available online. A Shopware Production. (17 minutes)  

Length: 17 minutes

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ISBN: 978-0-81608-674-0

Copyright date: ©2014

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