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Should Certain Books Ever Be Banned in School?: A Debate

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In Florida, lawmakers recently passed measures enabling public schools to restrict student access to certain books and limit discussions of gender, sexuality, and race in the classroom. In Texas, school administrators blocked access to more than 800 books in 22 districts over questions about whether they are “developmentally appropriate for student use.” Pennsylvania and Tennessee have undertaken similar actions, and schools across the country are grappling with new pressures concerning what their students are reading and how they are taught. Supporters of these measures argue that schools should not expose children to sex, violence, drug use, race, or other topics they deem inappropriate. Such measures do not constitute book bans, they contend, as students can obtain these books elsewhere. Opponents argue that such measures are indeed book bans and that removing books from school libraries is akin to censorship and inherently un-American. Reading controversial books and discussing controversial topics, they contend, fosters critical thinking, encourages empathy, and provides a wider understanding of the world. Should certain books ever be banned in school?

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