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Sudden Death (06:59)


In August 2018, Preston Zeller and his family enjoy a trip together. Zeller learns about his brother Colin's death on February 5, 2019. He describes their relationship, Colin's military service, and his attempt to see Colin the weekend before he died.

Grief and Art (03:21)

Zeller reflects on participating in an art show and expressing emotions in his work. He decides to quit his job and start a yearlong process of painting that he will share along the way.

Mosaic Project (06:14)

Zeller describes his approach to the yearlong art project he begins in September 2019. On December 27, 2020, he prepares the space in his home where he will assemble all 365 paintings and reflects on the artistic journey.

Art Therapy (06:49)

We access the instinctual parts of our brain's limbic system when we create, enhancing emotional and cognitive flexibility. Art provides an imprint of a moment in time. Zeller gathers his paintings and labels columns on cardboard. We must integrate grief to move forward.

A Year of Art (05:05)

Zeller determines the layout of his paintings; he feels accomplished. Unprocessed grief can manifest itself in many ways. Art can help access old memories and feelings.

Creating Through Loss (05:41)

Zeller identifies three genres of healing art throughout history—death art, grief art, and ceremonial art. He discusses practices in ancient Egypt, encaustic painting, Mbulu-Ngulu, the "Book of Job," Cicero, C.S. Lewis, and eulogies.

Death and Historical Art (08:53)

The gisant emerges during the medieval period as a way to eulogize the dead. The Renaissance period introduces vanitas paintings. Zeller discusses common themes. The current art world experiences a death positive movement; a grief positive movement intrigues Zeller.

Mosaic Hanging Day (07:13)

On December 28, 2020, Zeller works to get a scissor lift in the house. Lindsay Lederman discusses using color theory in therapy. Zeller installs the wood backing for his paintings.

Addressing Grief (02:56)

Zeller and Lederman discuss grief in terms of culture. Grief includes a spectrum of feelings that can frequently change. Zeller uses some of his brother's ashes in the last painting.

Mosaic Completion (04:40)

Zeller attaches light strips and Velcro to the wood framing and then hangs his artwork. Completing the project is gratifying and astounding.

The Art Therapy Project (06:17)

Zeller recalls looking for organizations that provide art therapy and finding Lederman. Her organization runs approximately 35 free sessions a week. Zeller reflects on his mosaic project and moving forward—own the wholeness of yourself.

Credits: The Art of Grieving (02:44)

Credits: The Art of Grieving

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Following the untimely death of his 35-year-old brother, an artist immerses himself in a year-long painting project to process grief and answer the question, “how can society be better equipped to deal with the grieving process?”

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