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John Donvan in Conversation with David McRaney on the Science of Changing Minds

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What does it take to change someone else's mind? It turns out there is a science to it. That's at least according to David McRaney, a journalist, author, and host of the You Are Not So Smart podcast. The first step, he says, is don't overtly try to win an argument. Try instead to express your ideas and lead the person along in stages. This approach—rather than attempting to defeat the opposing party—can more effectively get the other person to eventually align with your own thinking. It is also essential, he adds, to listen carefully to the other person and develop techniques to actively communicate. In this conversation, Intelligence Squared U.S. debate host John Donvan discusses with McRaney the science of changing minds and the different methods that can be employed.

Length: 51 minutes

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