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Human Emotions (02:10)


Brené Brown has spent 25 years studying human emotion. Since people struggle to express or identify their own emotions, she prefers to display them using film and television clips.

Meaningful Connections (04:16)

Brown wants to help people learn how to cultivate meaningful connections with themselves and others. She explains the patterns of emotion, behavior, and thinking she learned while growing up.

Connected to the Self (05:17)

People cannot make meaningful connections with others until they fully connect to themselves. People look externally when they feel lost and disconnected. Most people were not taught to focus on emotions over thought.

Language (08:17)

Portals in entertainment can bring good news or bad news; language is the great portal for humans. Knowing the right words to express emotions can change everything.

Anguish (06:09)

Many researchers avoid the difficult emotion and experience. Artists and poets are better at capturing anguish than researchers. Brown defines anguish as an almost unbearable and traumatic swirl of shock, incredulity, grief, and powerlessness.

Awe and Wonder (04:58)

Brown shares video clips that show awe and wonder. She explains the differences between them and discusses how they relate to the feeling of being small within the universe.

Grief (04:14)

People watch sad movies to feel moved and remember what it means to feel deeply. Grief comes from understanding the backstory and going on a journey.

Reading Emotions (04:46)

Brown does not believe people can read emotions in other people because it is too complicated. She demonstrates with different movie clips.

Learning to Read Emotions (06:42)

People need to understand themselves before they can learn to read emotions in others. Language and a framework of connection are the best tools.

Credits: "Episode 1: The Language of Emotion and Human Experience (Brené Brown: Atlas Of The Heart)" (00:39)

Credits: "Episode 1: The Language of Emotion and Human Experience (Brené Brown: Atlas Of The Heart)"

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Episode 1: The Language of Emotion and Human Experience (Brené Brown: Atlas Of The Heart)

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Brené Brown tackles a powerful central question: how can we cultivate meaningful connection with ourselves and each other?

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