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Introduction: Episode 1: Secrets of the Great Wall (Ancient China From Above) (01:17)


Every year, 10 million people visit the world's biggest manmade structure. Dr. Allan Maca will use satellite images to track the Great Wall across the rugged terrain.

Jinshanling (04:57)

Maca explores part of the Great Wall that has remained unchanged for hundreds of years. He discovers meticulous engineering techniques used in the Mings' defense against the Mongols. Experts use drone footage to create a 3D model of the wall.

Jinshanling Doorways (03:55)

Maca examines one of 50 openings at the base of the Great Wall. Scans reveal the opening was the entrance to a hidden tunnel that was once sealed. Maca prepares to travel to western China.

First and Greatest Pass Under Heaven (06:33)

Maca follows the Great Wall through the Gobi Desert to the final fortress of the Ming dynasty's empire. Chinese experts determine the Great Wall is 5,500 miles long. Evidence suggests parts of the wall are older than the Ming dynasty.

Kumtag Desert (07:00)

Maca examines the remains of an ancient wall. Archaeologists discover arrowheads typical of the Han dynasty and Wu Zhu coins, suggesting merchants traveled the area 2,000 years ago; the Great Wall protected China's gateway to global trade. An eroded structure stands near the wall.

Kumtag Desert Towers (07:34)

Experts use drone footage to examine an eroded structure and a four-mile section of the wall; they discover several tower sites. Ancient artifacts found in what was a military commander's office contain instructions for soldiers at the towers.

Qin Shi Huang (05:48)

Maca investigates China's first emperor and examines his terracotta warriors. Seismic scanning helps Dr. Zhang Weixing identify elements of the emperor's unopened tomb. Ancient texts reveal information on the tomb’s contents and the first Great Wall.

Loess Plateau (04:54)

Maca locates the remains of a primitive wall that predates the Qin Empire. In 221 BC, Qin Si Huangdi unifies China and builds new stretches of wall that future dynasties improve upon. Maca reflects on his investigation of the Great Wall and Chinese history. (Credits)

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Episode 1: Secrets of the Great Wall (Ancient China From Above)

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In this episode, Dr. Allan Maca investigates the biggest man-made structure on Earth: the Great Wall of China. This ancient monument has been studied by experts for decades, but it’s only now, thanks to new satellite imagery and cutting-edge technology, that its secrets are finally being revealed.

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